Deploy an Email Secret Weapon: Ratings and Reviews

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Stop settling for sending passive messages with your emails. If you want to grow your business, you’ve got to get active. You have to engage your customers, and you’ve got to make it as simple as possible for them to make a buying decision.

The best way to do it is with user-generated content. And specifically ratings and reviews. That’s how you make an impact and drive transactions. Customers want to know what other customers think.

If you’re not giving this to your customers, you’re not reaching your potential.

Email service providers have done a terrible job of making it easy for email marketers to include ratings and reviews. Who has time to create and test HTML templates all day?

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Zembula Ratings and Reviews Content blocks

Zembula has a solution. Now, you can easily use drag-and-drop modular content blocks that are placed using a single snippet of code that allows you to remotely control your content. And you can personalize that content so that you’re communicating with each user as an individual.

And if your small business is using Splio to send emails, installing Zembula couldn’t be simpler.

Send Better Emails

Stop sending the same content to everybody on your email list. For any given product, there’s a certain portion of your customer base that is not interested.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

Instead of bothering people with stuff they don’t care about, you should target each person as an individual. Send them ratings and reviews that are related to the products that your data indicates are interesting to them.

With Zembula, you’ll create personalized email images that contain your data. You then cut and paste a single snippet of code, and after that, you don’t have to touch the code at all.

Beyond ratings and reviews, you can include personalized content for things like tracking information, rewards points status, cart abandonment notifications, and more.

Easy Integration

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Zembula’s What You See Is What You Get system is easy to learn and operate.

Integration with Splio can be done quickly.

No more having to create and test HTML templates. Get back to being an email marketer, not a developer. Unleash the power of user-generated content. Start easily including ratings and reviews in your emails.

Schedule a free Zembula demo to learn more.

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