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Perfecting your customer acquisition strategy is one of your top priorities. After all, your business depends on it. But having a perfect customer acquisition strategy is easier said than done.

If you are struggling to gain more interest or just want to get a little boost in your customer acquisition strategy (and I mean, who doesn’t?) try interactive content and reveal marketing.

First, let’s define reveal marketing. It is an interactive marketing strategy that requires recipients of a message to perform an action to uncover a hidden message. When applied to digital marketing, reveal marketing has proven to massively increase brand engagement, click through rates, interactions, and redemptions

Here are a few different ways you can use interactive content and reveal marketing to acquire more customers:


Hide an offer behind a layer of interactivity

By hiding your offer behind a layer of interactivity you can create a sense of urgency in your soon-to-be customers. They will catch the FOMO bug, and will not be able to resist interacting with your brand.

Check out the overlay example below. Once a potential customer interacts the form pops up and they enter their email. Then you can send them your special offer and push them down your customer acquisition funnel. Click on the image for a closer look!

Customer Acquisition Strategy 1Hint at what they might miss out on

Got an upcoming sale? Sales are a great tool to boost your customer acquisition strategy. Go ahead and offer exclusive first access to those that sign up! This is an easy campaign to wrap in interactive content and reveal marketing. Create curiosity by giving just a taste of what is to come, then reinforce FOMO by only offering it to your email list.

Check out the example below. It could be easily embedded on your site wherever you normally place your form. Click on the image for a closer look.
Customer Acquisition Strategy 2

Show them a deal they just missed out on

Ever find out about a sale too late? I bet you tried extra hard to not do that again. You can use this feeling to your company’s benefit. Try using phrases like “Guess what you just missed” or “You could have gotten 20% off on your favorite…” Then show them what they missed once they interact. I bet they won’t be able to resist joining your email list!

Check out the example below. Add this to your customer acquisition strategy. Click the image below to get a closer look!

Customer Acquisition Strategy 3

Create a new customer offer overlay that looks like an actual present.

We all know design is a huge part of great marketing. Great reveal marketing is no different – it needs great design to really pack a punch. To get new customers, you will need to wow them with your creativity while giving them relatable and relevant imagery. Why not try to use images they already associate with good surprises, like presents for instance! Using images that allude to gifts or giveaways create tension in your design, and tension is a key component to getting better completion rates when using reveal marketing.

Check out this example that uses a present to incite action. Click the image below to get a closer look.


Customer Acquisition Strategy 4Embed an interactive lead capture on your site.

Lead captures can get pretty boring. Everyone and their grandmother has a plain old newsletter sign up that is embedded somewhere on their site. Whenever you are ready to stand out from your competition, why don’t you try adding reveal marketing to your customer acquisition strategy to drive more interest. By encouraging interaction through images that create tension and copy that piques curiosity, you will get more people interested and willing to give you more info. Once someone interacts with your messaging, they are more willing to follow through with the desired action! That is called the endowment effect.

This example below is one way you can accomplish this. Click the image below to get a closer look. 

Customer acquisition strategy 5Use trivia from a piece of content

Pulling a fact out of your latest white paper or ebook and turning it into an interactive reveal experience is one of the best ways to drive interest and increase downloads. We do this all the time in our own customer acquisition strategy. Use trivia to tap into your audience’s curiosity and drive them to take the next step.

The example below is on our blog where we used trivia to drive downloads. Click the image below for a closer look.


Customer acquisition strategy 6Highlight a new product that you will be releasing.

We all want people to be excited about new products that we are releasing. One sure way to do this is by building up anticipation with reveal marketing. You only need to give a hint of what you have to offer in order for people to start to get curious and want more. Once they express interest, you can then go ahead and direct them to fill out their information for more details and release updates. Make releases an exciting and highly converting part of your customer acquisition strategy.

Check out a great example of this below. Click the image below for a closer look!

Customer acquisition strategy 7Give them a taste of what they can expect by signing up

Does your brand send out a newsletter? What about email updates? What do those updates have in them? At Zembula, for instance, we send out a newsletter on a monthly basis as part of our customer acquisition strategy. One of our favorite sections is the “GIF of the Month” section. If you have a fun section in your newsletter like this or you send out special email updates, you could create an interactive reveal experience that highlights this. You can give your visitors a sneak peek of what you will be sending them. If they like it they will give you their email.

Check out the example below.

Customer acquisition strategy 8

Your customer acquisition strategy will thank you

No matter what kind of business you are, reveal marketing is proven to help you with your customer acquisition strategy. You can drive more interest and capture more of that interest by leveraging the innate benefits of reveal marketing and interactivity. Go ahead and try any of these ideas on your site. Let us know how it goes. We would love to hear from you!



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