Create more engagement by adding ratings and reviews to your Action Network communications

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Driving large groups of people towards action is an immense challenge. It takes a high level of commitment, leadership, and above all, effective communication. Action Network is a communication toolset for organizations that need to effectively communicate with large groups of people to organize and inspire them to take action towards change. 

Zembula complements the tools provided in the Action Networks suite by giving movement organizers the ability to add additional functionality easily. It doesn’t require complex development and increases engagement.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

The most effective trust-building tool 

User-generated ratings and reviews are some of the most effective tools available to help organizations gain their audience’s trust. Because it gives their audience a voice to share their opinions easily and transparently, organizations that provide this are automatically perceived as transparent and trustworthy. And from your audience’s perspective, it gives them insight into other people’s experiences that they can relate to and who have already invested their trust in your organization. 

Zembula allows you to add ratings and reviews, as well as other content types, to your Action Network email communications. This will improve your engagement and inspire more action on your messages!

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No need for complex developments

Most communication suites, like Action Network, are designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. They are tools with a set amount of functionality, and users need to adapt their campaigns to the software’s capabilities. Suppose a user wants to implement additional features. In that case, they usually have two options, to change their email suite and find one with the required functionality or to hire a developer to create a custom application that gives you access to the functionality. 

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Either one of these options is complex and requires changing your workflow. Zembula solves this challenge by making it easy to integrate the new functionality and provide you with a user interface that is intuitive to use to disrupt your workflow. 

To integrate Zembula’s ratings and reviews to Action Networks email service, all you have to do is copy-paste a few snippets of code, and you’re all done. No need to call your IT department. And if you do need assistance, we have a team of email experts ready to help you make the most out of your email campaigns and get the most out of your Zembula integration. 

Click here to set up a free consultation with our email experts so that we can work together to help you engage more of your audience and drive the change you’re after.

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