Chick-Fil-A’s Video Email: How Zembula Could Have Helped

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You’ve probably seen video sneaking its way into email lately. Maybe you’ve even tried it within your own emails! If you have you know why this trend is fixing to become a permanent part in email campaigns across all industries. Video has proven to increase email click-through rate by 200-300%.

But not everyone is doing video in email right. With a click-through rate increase like that, why would anyone ever send all that traffic to a third party site? By doing so, you are missing out on retargeting opportunities and risking the chance of losing attention instead of encouraging further interactions with your brand!

Take a look at this example sent by Chick-fil-a. They made a huge boo-boo and sent all that good traffic to YouTube! Let’s tear down this full email.

Wow. That’s a GIF.

First, when you open the email, you are smacked in the face with a giant, slow loading GIF. Not the best look. The GIF is distracting and confusing and, it just goes directly to their site and the CTA doesn’t follow a logical sequence of events.

A better solution would be to make the video the primary focus. If they still wanted to include a GIF, it could be smaller and placed farther down the page, so as not to interfere with the video.

I would also send the people that clicked to a specific landing page, so there is no cognitive dissonance between email and destination. People drop off when your next step doesn’t make sense. Another, and some might argue better, option would be to ditch the CTA on the GIF altogether. More CTAs in an email tends to create a watered-down effect when it comes to click-throughs. Focus on a singular desired action.

The video…

Well, the video itself is actually quite touching and could stand on its own when it comes to this email. Since it was overshadowed by the GIF, I wonder what kind of click-through it got here. But any clicks it managed to garner were lost when it comes to retargeting or continuing engagement because they were sent directly to YouTube!

This is a huge missed opportunity. It would have been much better to send the traffic to a landing page or a video overlay on top of their site so they could keep collecting data and further facilitate the buyer journey.

Look at this example where the traffic is sent to an overlay. This is a great way to keep your traffic your own and deliver a bulletproof video in email experience to all your recipients. Don’t make YouTube any more money. Make yourself some more and get more people directly to your site.

How to use video in an email the right way

With Zembula you can send users from email to your site and play a video inside an overlay, instead of a third party site. This way you will be able to collect all your traffic, cookie users, and then retarget them.

Your video overlay will only be sent to those with the link. No one else that lands on your site will see your video, so don’t worry about causing disruption to your other visitors.

Don’t give your traffic to other people! Want to see how Zembula can help? Chat with an expert.