The Case for Overlays on Your Website

 In Digital Marketing, Interactive Content
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By now, most marketers should know that overlays are a key strategy driving conversions for some of the most recognizable online brands and businesses. Despite the ubiquitous nature of overlays and their proven success rates, some brands remain skeptical of the benefits of lead generation and overall sales conversions. Well, it’s time to set aside that skepticism and recognize that when it comes to goals like driving visitors to subscribe to your mailing list or check out your clearance section or special offer, overlays can’t be beaten.

Today, let’s examine why overlays are essential for any website and how you can continue to provide excellent user experience while reaping the benefits overlays provide.

Why Use Overlays?

The traditional pop-up has long been known as an obnoxious and disruptive web tactic. However, the modern overlay of today is able to provide the conversion benefits of a traditional pop-up, without sacrificing your user’s experience, driving them away from the site.

When we look at the top e-commerce brands, global digital publications, chart-topping bloggers, and successful SaaS companies, we find that they’re all utilizing overlay marketing technology. Why is this?

To put it bluntly: these brands use overlays because they not only convert but also can be utilized in a variety of ways. The main goal of a common overlay is to engage visitors to your website with a highly visible and strong call-to-action. This simple model capitalizes on the fact that your consumer has a very short attention span. Overlays can be triggered by a variety of factors. Ensuring you pick the proper trigger for your overlay and utilize marketing psychology in your campaign can help you see the conversions you desire.

Exit Intent Overlay

Benefits of Overlays

Capture Visitors Before They Leave

About 98% of people that visit your website will leave without converting to either a lead or a sale. In today’s digital world, the focus is on Return on Investment (ROI) and the easiest way to prove your ROI is with a high conversion rating. In order to convert customer’s, exit-intent overlays provide you a chance to interact at the last moment before a visitor abandons your webpage forever.

Build your Email List

Static email sign-ups very rarely convert, and why would they? Without any interaction, the only thing a sidebar is doing is distracting your customer from the messages contained on your page. Delayed overlays are a great solution to this problem. Using an overlay that delays until the customer has scrolled a certain amount of the way down the page will allow you to present your email sign-up form in a highly visible place. You can also include an incentive to drive even more conversions.


Drive More Revenue

Overlays allow you to, directly and indirectly, drive more sales. One way to directly affect your revenue is to drive sales promotions at key points in your customer’s purchasing process, such as product pages or checkout pages. Utilizing triggered overlays will allow you convert more of your traffic, giving you the ability to drive those visitors back to your site on another day. Re-engaging customers at a later date build brands loyalty and keeps you top of mind,

Solve Cart Abandonment

Exit-intent overlays are one of the most powerful tools we know of in converting visitors who are about to abandon their carts. Any retail marketer knows that abandoned cart of a huge pain point for all online retailers. Exit-intent overlays give you a last opportunity to engage these customers and encourage them to complete the purchasing process. Since 78% of all shopping carts end up abandoned, this tactic is key in driving conversions that prove your marketing department’s ROI.


Now that we’ve discussed why overlays are a viable marketing plan for your next campaign, get to know a little more about Zembula’s interactive content platform, offering exit-intent overlays with a dash of interactivity, sweepstakes experiences and more.

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