Capture More Email Reader Attention With Zembula’s Personalized Ratings and Reviews

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Your customers aren’t going to wait for you. Brand loyalty only goes so far. If your emails don’t give your readers what they want – and quickly – you’re sunk. You’re not going to capitalize on driving transactions through email marketing unless you’re capturing attention.

But the good news is that you can dominate the email game. You can crush it. You can stand out and win attention. And by doing so, you can drive traffic and transactions.

The key is relevancy. You’ve got to matter to your customers. How do you do that? By including user-generated content. And specifically ratings and reviews.

That’s what today’s consumers want. That’s what gets results.

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The problem, of course, has always been that incorporating ratings and reviews has required creating HTML templates and testing them for different browsers. Email marketers have had a hard time keeping up with such a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

But with Zembula, you have drag-and-drop modular content blocks built and updated using a single snippet of code. And if you’re using Mixpanel, incorporating and using this solution couldn’t be easier.

Be More Relevant to Your Customers With Zembula

User-generated content like ratings and reviews builds consumer trust. Zembula makes it easy to include it. That rave review, that five-star rating – use them to drive sales. And do it without having to create or test HTML templates.

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The real beauty with Zembula is that not only can you include ratings and reviews, but you can do so easily without needing to manually add them. That means you can send personalized product recommendations that automatically include reviews for those items. 

With Zembula, you’ll create email images that contain your data. All you have to do is plug those images into your email and then update them in Zembula’s platform as often as you want. And without having to edit the code.

Beyond ratings and reviews, you can easily add information for the data you’re already capturing for things like rewards points, tracking information, cart abandonment notifications, and more.

You can also personalize all of your messaging, meaning you don’t have to send what doesn’t matter to each individual. Only give them what they want. That’s a big key to relevancy.

Make Your Mixpanel Emails Mean More

Regardless of how you’re currently sending your emails, including Zembula is simple. Integration is free and supported.

With real-time ratings and reviews in your emails, your Mixpanel approach could be taken to an entirely different level.

Let Zembula help you level up your marketing game. Drive more traffic and transactions. And do it easily.

Contact Zembula to get started.

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