Bump Up the Relevance of Your Email Campaigns on Amazon Web Services’ Simple Email Service With Ratings and Reviews

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It’s hard to think about how our lives would be without email. And that’s because, throughout its 40-year existence, email has become one of the most widespread communication channels. 

However, due to its prevalence in our daily lives, corporate clients and organizations that need to send massive amounts of emails have a need for specialized services. This is where AWS’s Simple Email Service comes in. This email platform is designed to guarantee deliverability and programming flexibility for corporate clients. 

Zembula adds to the capabilities of Simple Email Service by making it easy for marketers to add user-generated ratings and reviews, amongst other features, to the platform.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Humans are interested in what other humans have to say

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your email list is made up of actual humans. Humans are interested in making their lives better by solving their problems with the products that you sell. That’s why it becomes critical for your email campaigns to contain highly relevant content so that your audience will engage and continue to open your emails. 

Ratings and reviews are some of the best ways to increase engagement since customers proactively look for user-generated content that can help inform their purchasing decision. Reading reviews has become so prevalent in the customer decision-making process that over 91% of consumers report reading ratings and reviews when they’re trying to make purchasing decisions. In a nutshell, people read and depend on ratings and reviews to buy from your brand. Thus, it only makes sense to send them the content they want through the channel they read the most. 

Zembula lets you add ratings and reviews to your Simple Email Service campaigns in a simple and cost-effective way so that you can increase email engagement rates and improve your deliverability. As part of Zembula’s functionality, you can also integrate the ratings and reviews block with your user data as well as having the ability to update the content at the time of opening the email. 

With this functionality, your subscriber will always receive the ratings and reviews that are the most relevant to them and be able to get the information directly in their inbox without the need to click through and navigate on your website.

Simple copy-paste integration 

AWS’s Simple Email Service is designed for developers and as such has built-in lots of flexibility. However, there are some features that are not built-in natively. That means that if you want to add any additional functionality you would have to develop it on your own.

Zembula lets you add powerful new functionality without the need to develop it on your own or go through a complex integration process. 

With Zembula all you need to integrate the new features is copy-paste a few lines into your email and you’re all set. 

Schedule a free consultation with one of our email experts so we can help you find new ways to improve your deliverability and keep your email subscribers engaged.

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