Boost the Response Rate of Your Multichannel Campaigns on Dolist With Ratings and Reviews

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Managing multi-channel campaigns that combine more traditional messaging platforms such as text messages with digital channels is gaining traction with marketers. The challenge is that adds increased complexity, obtaining data on performance and how the channels interact can be a challenge to get a handle on. 

Multichannel marketing platforms like Dolist provide a way to see all your data combined. This helps make adjustments based on data much easier and less time-consuming. 

Zembula lets Dolist users add additional functionality to email marketing campaigns. We help you create new and effective ways to engage your customers.


Use Ratings and Reviews to Leverage Social Proof

Social proof is a significant element in how customers make their decision to buy your products. That’s because, as humans, we are conditioned to look for the opinion of others. It’s for this reason that if you look for product reviews, you’ll find them for just about every product niche. Not to mention, user-generated customer reviews have a certain entertainment quality to them which makes people enjoy reading them. 

Zembula lets you leverage social proof on your emails with the ratings and reviews content block. The ratings and reviews block also integrates with your customer data. 

This way, you can build personalized emails that will always have the most relevant content. And you can improve the visibility of this valuable information since they won’t have to navigate on your site to find the information they were looking for. 

Zembula ratings and reviews content block example

Add Powerful New Features Without Migrating to a New Platform

Adding new features to your existing marketing platform is typically not even considered by most marketers, since doing this usually involves hiring a developer. It just doesn’t become cost-effective or practical to operate that way. 

Zembula solves this by making integration with your marketing platform of choice simple and easy. Copy-paste a few lines of code into the body of your email, and you’re done. 

Our user interface is also designed to be easy and intuitive to use. It uses the drag and drop functionality found on most email marketing suites. So you’ll be able to start exploring all the new options you have to engage your subscribers. 

Click here to schedule a free consultation with our email experts so we can go over all how Zembula can integrate into your marketing strategy and boost your response rates. 

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