Boost the Impact of Your Email Automation on Copernica With Ratings and Reviews

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Today’s customers expect more from the brands they decide to trust with their email. For the most part, customers don’t react to generic email blasts like they once did many years ago.

These one-size-fits-all types of email are often buried in your subscriber’s crowded inbox and end up being neglected and never read. Instead, today’s customers expect a personalized experience. They expect the content they allow into their inboxes to be relevant at all times. 

These new expectations from customers have pushed email service providers and marketers to develop platforms that can provide a personalized experience from customer data. Copernica is a platform that helps marketers create personalized email campaigns and automation to make sure their audience always receives relevant content in their inboxes.


Zembula gives Copernica users additional tools to help their emails stand out from the clutter in your subscriber’s inbox. And one of the most effective tools is the ratings and reviews content block. 

A Big Part of Your Customer’s Decision-Making Process

User-generated ratings and reviews have become a staple of customer’s decision-making process. That’s because over 91% of customers have reported that they look for ratings and reviews before making their decision to invest in a brand. Something else to keep in mind about ratings and reviews is they are trusted similarly to a recommendation from friends and family. 

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Due to the impact that ratings and reviews can make on the overall email conversion, Zembula made it easy for you to integrate this powerful trust-building tool into your email campaigns. 

Our ratings and review content blocks can integrate into your customer data so you can send personalized campaigns to your subscribers. It’s also capable of updating the information your customer needs. This functionality makes it possible for you to send the most relevant content to your list. 

Simple Integration Process and Intuitive Workflow

Adding all of Zembula’s powerful features is a simple process that requires you to call your IT department. Copy-paste a few lines of code to the body of your email, and you’re all set to start creating your new attention-grabbing emails. 

The workflow is based on a WYSIWYG interface with drag and drops functionality that makes it easy to integrate into your workflow. Our user interface was designed to feel immediately familiar so that you don’t have to learn how to use a new system or have to read a manual. 

Set up a call with one of our email experts. We look forward to finding all how Zembula can help you boost the impact of your email campaigns on Copernica.

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