Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing On Adobe Campaign By Adding Ratings And Reviews To Your Emails

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Long gone are the days where you could simply throw a few ads to your customers, an email here and there, and call it day. In 2021, you have to compete against a huge amount of information to get your customer’s attention. We need to strike a balance between efficiency and customization to capture our customer’s attention while not bombarding them with too many messages to the point that they tune us out.  

This need for relevance has driven the whole digital marketing landscape towards creating omnichannel suites that help you stay relevant in the eyes of your customer. This is the focus of Adobe Campaign. But when it comes to adding ratings and reviews to Adobe Campaign, it can be difficult. And, unfortunately, this is one of the most effective tools for standing out in the eyes of your customer. 

It’s all about gaining your customer’s trust

Your customers want to believe in you, that’s why they read through your marketing content. They hope to find the answers to their concerns so they make the final leap of faith and buy your product. But making this leap of faith can be scary if they feel like no one else has done it before. This is what makes product ratings and reviews so powerful and why they’ve become a standard feature in e-commerce websites. 

Zembula gives you the flexibility to add product reviews to your emails on Adobe Campaign so you can start winning your customer’s trust the moment your email hits their inbox. With 93% of consumers relying on user-generated reviews to inform their buying decisions, it only makes sense to maximize the use of this resource. 

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

The power of real-time updates without the hassle of complex integrations

What sets Zembula’s ratings and review integration apart is its ability to update the content in real-time at the time of opening the email. This means that your customer no longer needs to see a static image in their email, rather they can see the most recent ratings and reviews that are personalized to their behavior directly from their inbox. No need to click through and navigate on your site. This means that more of your customers will get to see the information they need to choose you. 

We also make sure that you get all this added potential without having to call your IT department every time you’re building a new campaign. To expand the functionality of your email on Adobe Campaign all you have to do is copy-paste a few lines of code and you’re done. We also have a WYSIWYG drag and drop interface so that you don’t your workflow doesn’t get interrupted, rather you can just add Zembulas’s dynamic content blocks where you need them.

Zembula Content Flow

Explore the potential of real-time updates and product ratings and reviews

We’ve seen the impact that giving your customers the information they want when they want it makes on our client’s campaigns. In short, it works. 

If you’re looking for ways to make a significant impact on the effectiveness of your email campaigns on Adobe Campaign, give our email experts a call. We look forward to talking with you. 

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