A Better, Less Annoying Pop-Up

 In Interactive Content, Marketing Psychology
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We all know the feeling. You open a webpage and the first thing to hit you is an obnoxious pop-up. Even worse, the pop-up that acts more like a virus, and makes it impossible for you to close your screen or navigate away without engaging.

Customers are tired of strong-armed sales tactics like annoying pop-ups on page load. There are more subtle ways to engage your audience. Interactive content that reacts to customer triggers is the latest wave in marketing tactics.

We know you want people to sign up for your email list. Customer acquisition should be the primary goal of your marketing efforts, but forcing customers to interact with a screen-blocking pop-up isn’t the way to get their email. We’ve compiled a few new options for a better, less annoying email opt-in strategy.

Use a Sticky Floating Bar

Every marketer knows that stickiness is an important concept for your content and campaigns. Floating bars are a polite way to advertise your email opt-in form without disrupting the user experience. A floating bar will stick to the top of the viewer’s screen as they scroll, ensuring the option to opt-in is always visible.

To take it up a notch, you can even consider setting your floating bar to appear only after the reader has scrolled a certain amount of the way down the page, or if they’ve remained on the page for a certain amount of time. No matter what strategy you choose, be sure to A/B test your results to hone in your campaigns. You’ll see customer acquisition grow as bounce rates drop dramatically.

Leverage a Polite Slide-in

A Slide-in is an interactive content box that appears along the edges of a user’s screen. Much like their name implies, they slide into the viewer’s screen to offer up an email opt-in form without the off-putting effect a traditional pop-up ad can often have. By keeping the customer within the same window, you’re encouraging them to stay on your page longer. Once you begin implementing Slide-ins you’ll see your bounce rate drop while your engagement and email list grow.

At Zembula, we can personally vouch for the effectiveness of Slide-Ins. That’s why we have them throughout our site, including on our home page for maximum conversions. By allowing the user to have an uninterrupted viewer experience you’re creating brand loyalty and making the customer more likely to convert. Heavy-handed tactics like traditional popups often have the opposite effect, driving the viewer to distrust your website and increasing bounce rate as the pop-ups encourage your user to flee.


Capture Them at the Last Second

There’s another form of pop-up that you can save for the most crucial moment. If you can identify what actions serve as markers for your users intent to exit your site, you can save your pop-up strategy for that very last moment before they go. This type of last-ditch opt-in effort is simple to use, and there’s nothing to lose since the user was planning on bouncing anyway.

Don’t forget, this is your last chance to convert a reader before they leave your website for good. Use this opportune moment to offer them your most enticing offer. Boost your likelihood of engagement by utilizing interactive content and marketing psychology during this crucial moment to watch your customer acquisition soar.


Wait Until They’re Done

It’s Marketing 101. A visitor who has read an entire blog on your website is more primed to convert than just about anyone else. We all know it’s key to use a compelling call to action at the bottom of our blog posts, but you can take it one step further to watch your engagement and email list keep climbing higher and higher. Utilizing a pop-up that is triggered by your user reaching the end of an article will ensure you’re only offering your CTA to those most willing to click through or enter their information.

Make sure your call to action is relevant to your blog post, and save any discount offers or digital items of value for this moment. These customers are most informed and most likely to convert, so don’t miss out on the crucial chance to engage.

Now that we’ve covered a few ways to make pop-ups less annoying and intrusive, you’re ready to try out the new generation of email opt-in interactive content today. To learn more about Slide-Ins and how they can help boost your customer acquisition, check out our Product Tour today.

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