The Best Interactive Content Marketing Campaigns of 2017

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When I’m just wearing my consumer hat, interactive content marketing campaigns are always fun to come across, but as I am also a marketer, they always pack a little more meaning. I love to receive these little guys, one, because they are fun to play with, and two because I can dissect them and figure out what works and what doesn’t. I can also sometimes steal some ideas! Here are my top 5 favorite interactive content marketing campaigns from 2017 thus far.

Ted Baker 

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Well-known fashion brand Ted Baker doesn’t do advertising like everybody else. They are known for thinking outside the box as far as channels go and leaning heavily on their quirky humor in their content. This campaign, Keeping up with the Bakers, was no exception.

Keeping up with the Bakers made its debut on Instagram in a sitcom-like video series. This was supplemented by Snapchat content and this shoppable 360 video. In the interactive video you can discover the Bakers household, the surrounding area, and the Bakers’ fashion choices (which are shoppable from within the video.)

This interactive campaign grabs hold of your attention with bright colors and interesting scenes. It then feeds into our desire to discover new products. Being able to physically move through this virtual world, gives this interactive campaign a gold star.


interactive content marketing

I absolutely love brands that use social media to broadcast their real personality. I also love brands that use social media to share their interactive campaigns. On the other hand, brands that regurgitate some sterile, static, legal-approved verbiage really lose at social media these days. Consumers see right through it, and they sure as heck aren’t entertained by it.

Denny’s is one of the brands I love on social media. They are hilarious. Check out this creative scavenger hunt. They asked viewers to zoom in on different parts of the pancake image until they reached a hilarious secret message at the end.

By utilizing both social media and the touch capabilities on our phones, Denny’s hit a virality sweet spot with their humorous post. It was entertaining and it kept users busy if only for a moment.

Try this interactive campaign out for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Mail Chimp

interactive content marketing

Mail Chimp is out to prove that you don’t need to always be about the hard sell to get customers on your side. WIth their interactive campaign, Did you Mean?, Mail Chimp focused on giving the user entertainment and maybe even inducing a couple laughs.

Mail Chimp chose words that rhymed with, or almost, their name. Then they create rich, multi-media pages for each. The brand awareness play gave visitors a reason to associate positive feelings with Mail Chimp, even though it may not have been directly about email automation.

One thing to note about this campaign – Mail Chimp spent a great deal of time and resources developing and polishing these pages. They are done to the full extent. This interactive campaign is, in part, so good because of the effort behind it.

Goldman Sach’s

interactive content marketing

Interactive infographics are so hot. If you haven’t made one yet, you should consider it, especially if you are already creating regular infographics. Adding interactivity makes it that much more engaging and gives you a chance to pack more into a little space. Take this interactive infographic campaign by Goldman Sach’s, for instance. By making some parts clickable, they were able to organize information in a “tab-like” way and get more info into the space.

Another winning component to this infographic is the use of motion. It catches and holds attention. We know images can help break up text within marketing content, setting your images to motion can supercharge this benefit. It also has what I like to call, “the shiny object effect.” Even though it seems simple and may not even hold that much meaning, we are drawn to things that move, just like shiny objects.

There are lots of different software you can use to make awesome interactive infographics and up your interactive content marketing campaigns.


Email has long been a channel of top priority for marketers mainly because it is highly converting and costs very little to maintain. But because of this, everyone and their marketing mother is doing it. Only those emails that stand out really get the results marketers are looking for. Need/Want created an incredible interactive content campaign and sent it via email.

Using an interactive content technique called reveal marketing and eye-catching graphics, Need/Want’s email campaign was able to stand out in their recipient’s inbox and achieve an astounding 3x the CTR of their normal email campaigns. The interactivity in this case really tapped into our innate psychological desires to scratch the itch. In other words, it fed into curiosity, one of the most powerful psychological drivers one can use in marketing.

You too can turn your email offers into an interactive content marketing campaign. You just need to find the right tool to accomplish your goals. Check out this list of interactive content tools to see if anything tickles your fancy.

Your 2017 marketing strategy might be starting to wind down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a last-minute boost from an interactive content marketing campaign. It isn’t as hard as you think, especially with the right tools and a little bit of creativity. One thing is certain though, if executed correctly, interactive content can outperform static content, by a lot.

Do you have any favorite interactive content marketing campaigns this year so far? Share in the comments.

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