August Features Update

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We’ve been a bit radio silent on updates the last few months, for good reason! We’re back to give you the rundown of a few new features we’ve integrated into our platform in August. These features will make your life easier, make your content more exciting, and help your audience focus more on you.

Multi-Field Forms:

Our new custom forms have multiple fields to choose from, not just email address! You can also choose to use them alone or integrate them with services (like your ESP). These forms give you a wide range of options for gathering information if you already have an email address for a contact but want demographic information for targeting, like first and last name, zip code, and more.

Easier integrations

Easily set up direct integrations with your service providers like your ESP or CRM. Send information, like email addresses, names, and more, directly to your CRM for easier data storage and utilization. Previously, we utilized Zapier to set up integrations, but now all that can be done inside the platform! You can also associate an email merge tag with each custom form.

Show Form on Reveal:

This feature allows you to show a form before users click on the CTA after completing an experience, as opposed to entering a form to begin interacting. This gives you the option to allow your users to complete interacting with your experience, seeing the entire thing start to finish before having to hand over personal information to click through your CTA.

Error Handling:

Reveal an error message if a form is not filled in correctly (e.g. incomplete or non-existent email address) and on a CTA click (again if the form is not filled out properly, or there was an error loading the required completion screen). This gives your audience immediate feedback into their attempts to complete the experience and allows you to better elaborate what you might need from them on form fills.

Get faster help

We added a help button in the platform that connects you directly to live chat! Reach us any time with your pressing questions and we’ll make sure you have the tools you need to create amazing interactive content.

These new features were designed with YOUR feedback in mind to give you the ease of use and great experience you want from our platform. Thank you for being so engaged in and patient during this process, and look out for even bigger things on the horizon for this fall!

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