Adding Ratings and Reviews Can Make Your Moosend Emails Pop

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You’re a skilled email marketer. You’re good at identifying what your customers want to see and how they want to see it.

You know that emails deliver more ROI for every dollar spent than pretty much anything else you could be doing.

But you struggle to consistently give your readers the one thing that you know they want more than anything else – user-generated content. Specifically, ratings and reviews. You know they drive transactions. And you include them when you can. But doing it regularly is just too big of a time sink.

We get it. We hear you. You’re not alone.

So many email marketers get bogged down with having to create HTML templates and test them for different browsers. Email service providers (ESPs) just haven’t solved this puzzle. It’s beyond frustrating.

We got you. Zembula solves this exact problem by making it not only simple to include ratings and reviews but also by giving you the power to personalize them.

How simple? Zembula does it all with drag-and-drop modular content blocks built and updated in their platform. Just add them using a single snippet of code. And best of all, if you’re using Moosend as your ESP, you’re only a few easy steps away from being up and running.


How Zembula Can Transform Your Emails

Instead of wasting your time manually adding ratings and reviews, with Zembula you can personalize recommendations that automatically generate any ratings or reviews associated with that product.

You’ll create email images that contain the data you’re likely already collecting. From there, you just have to plug those images into your email. And you can do it all without having to edit the code.

That means that your emails no longer have to be generic. Instead, you can speak to each customer as a personalized individual and with simple editing capabilities.

ratings and reviews header

That same personalized power can be applied to whatever data you’re collecting, including for things like:

  • Tracking information
  • Cart abandonment notification
  • Rewards program status
  • Location data
  • Behavioral data
  • And more

Integrating Zembula Is Quick and Easy

Just think of the data you’re likely already collecting but that you’re not using effectively. You could up your game considerably by personalizing your messaging to best harness that data.

Integration with whatever you’re using to send your emails – even if it’s not Moosend – is free and supported. We’ll guide you through the process and be available for whatever questions you might have.

Knock it out of the park. Be the best email marketer. It’s all about adding those critical ratings and reviews and doing so without it taking up your entire day. 

Pricing is based on the number of impressions used with up to 6 million impressions in a year available at the base price.

Contact Zembula to learn more.

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