Add Ratings and Reviews to Your Distribion Campaigns to Boost Your Sales

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Today’s marketer has dozens of tools and strategies to engage their customers. And if you stay in the loop of what’s trendy, you’ll find that new tools and techniques come out seemingly every day.

Because of this, when it comes time to create a cohesive marketing strategy, you end up trying to manage a campaign with too many moving pieces. The overabundance of strategy increases the likelihood that some aspects of your campaigns will fall through the cracks and not receive the amount of attention it needs for it to be effective.

Not to mention, the complexity of multichannel campaigns makes it incredibly difficult to pinpoint why you aren’t getting the results you had forecasted. 


Distribion is a marketing platform that aims to make it easier for small marketing teams to manage multichannel campaigns by giving marketers a centralized hub. Zembula enables Distribion users to add more functionality to their email campaigns, which are a critical part of every multichannel campaign. 

User-Generated Content Drives More Sales

One of the reasons why ratings and reviews are so powerful is because customers trust user-generated content. Ratings and reviews signal to potential buyers that others in the same situation have chosen your brand, and their experience is compelling enough that they took the time to write about it.

For this reason, highlighting ratings and reviews in your emails is one of the most effective ways to help potential customers move forward in their journey towards becoming customers.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

Zembula helps you add this powerful tool to your email campaigns. This way, your customers don’t have to navigate your website or get lost trying to find the information they need. 

Instead, you can integrate the ratings and reviews content block with your customer data and make sure you present the information they’re looking for directly to their inbox. 

Amplify the Potential of Distribion Without a Complex Development Process

Adding new features that don’t come bundled with your marketing software is something most marketers decide not to do. It’s typically too time-consuming and expensive to be worth it, even if it opens up new possibilities to engage your customers.

Zembula makes it possible for everyone to add new functionality to your marketing software. To integrate Zembula, all you have to do is copy-paste a few lines of code to the body of your email, and you are all done. No need to call your IT department or go through a complex development process. 

If you want to explore all the different ways Zembula can help you boost your sales, click here to schedule a free call with our email experts. 

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