Add Personalized Ratings and Reviews to Each Email You Send

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Getting to the next level with your email marketing is all about overcoming the pain point of including ratings and reviews.

Let’s face it: email service providers have done a terrible job of making it easy for marketers to utilize the power of ratings and reviews and user-generated content in general. There’s way too much having to create and test HTML templates. People don’t have the time to keep up in any kind of consistent fashion.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Zembula gives you the power to use drag-and-drop modular content blocks (called Smart Blocks™) that you can place with just a single snippet of code. And you can personalize that content so that you’re using the data you’re already collecting to talk to each of your customers or business-to-business clients as individuals.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

It’s simple to get started with Zembula, whether you’re using Spotler or any other provider to send your emails.

Send Personalized Messages Utilizing the Data You’re Already Collecting

Think of how much more effective your emails could be if you could not only include the ratings and reviews that you know would drive transactions but if you could personalize each message.

Everybody complains about an overcrowded inbox. But what really bothers people is all of the emails that they don’t care about. That’s what they consider to be clutter or junk. But if you sent only information that mattered to each individual, you’d be amazed at how much more impactful your emails would be.

Zembula personalized email

If you can include user-generated ratings and reviews and can then send them to a highly targeted audience, your chances for increasing transactions are incredibly strong.

Beyond ratings and reviews, you can harness whatever data you’re collecting to send personalized messages about things like cart abandonment notifications, rewards points status, tracking information, and much more.

Matter More to Your Email Readers

However you’re currently sending your emails, including Zembula is simple. Integration is free and supported.

With ratings and reviews in your emails, your Spotler approach could be taken to an entirely different level.

spotler esp

You can easily drive more transactions, and Zembula can help you do it.

Get started with Zembula today.

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