A Step By Step Guide to Acquiring Customers (And Keeping Them!)

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There’s no bigger threat to a marketer than stalled customer acquisition. Without active customer acquisition your business will dry up, your marketing pool will remain low, and your conversions will be unimpressive. There’s a reason most marketing professionals are obsessed with customer acquisition — Because it’s fundamental to a viable marketing strategy and it is also one of the easiest ways to prove your campaigns return on investment (ROI.)

There’s a multitude of ways to achieve and measure successful customer acquisition marketing campaigns. Some of the most popular strategies include slide-in email sign-ups, exit-intent overlays, abandoned cart strategies, and special offers. To really take your campaign to the next level, you can even combine a few of these strategies into one.

Today, we’ll be discussing the four ground-level customer acquisition strategies that your brand should be implementing today. If you follow this article like a step-by-step guide and set up the 4 campaigns detailed below, you’ll watch your customer acquisition climb like never before.

Set Up an Exit-Intent Campaign

Believe it or not, up to 98% of your website visitors leave the page without purchasing anything. That’s a huge portion of your potential new customers that simply click the close button and never think about your brand or your product again. How can you capture some of those potential leads and engage them better? While traditional pop-ups make it harder to access the webpage since they load when the page loads, exit-intent overlays don’t interfere with the user’s experience since they don’t appear until the moment before the reader leaves your site for good. This is a great time to utilize interactive content and marketing psychology to grab your viewer’s attention and re-engage them. Exit-intent overlays are the perfect place to reel the reader back in and invite them to interact with your brand. Whether you offer a discount, invite them to sign up for your email newsletter, or share a fascinating piece of trivia, your potential customers are sure to remember your brand and product. If they’re not yet ready to purchase, they’ll recall your brand when the time comes that they are prepared. This drives your customer acquisition actively with a passive campaign that doesn’t require much upkeep.

Focus on Your Email List

While exit-intent overlays are great, you don’t have to save that strategy for the last moment. Slide-in overlays or time-delay overlays are another great way to build your customer acquisition. One of the most effective things you can aim to accomplish with an overlay is to get your viewer to sign up for your brand’s email list. Once you’ve established contact and received valuable customer information, like their email, you’re able to better target your marketing efforts and reach them directly in their inbox. Slide-in overlays, like the interactive content experiences offered by Zembula, are a great way to grab your customer’s attention without annoying them or driving them away from your page. Since these experiences “slide in” to a corner of the screen, they’re easy to notice and engage with, but not so intrusive they take over the screen and leave the customer feeling interrupted.

Leverage Special Offers

It’s proven that nothing converts potentials leads into paying customers like discounts and special offers. Offering your viewer a special deal in an exit-intent or Slide-in overlay utilized marketing psychology to trigger the customer’s fear of missing out (FOMO). The discount offer will feel especially targeted to them, and the fear that closing the overlay will mean the disappearance of the special offer is just extra incentive to keep the viewer on your page and engaged. When the overlay is interactive and personalized, the effects on customer acquisition become even more apparent. You can combine this strategy with the two strategies discussed above, and use an exit-intent overlay or website slide-in to promote your email list. Offer customers a special product discount or digital asset (like a white paper), once they’ve shared their email with your marketing team to see your customer acquisition shoot through the roof.

Exit Intent Overlay

Don’t Forget About Abandoned Carts

One of our favorite ways to boost customer acquisition and leverage interactive content and overlays is through a robust abandoned cart strategy. There is no better use case for exit-intent overlays than the customer who is about to abandon their cart and leave your site without making a purchase. Exit-intent overlays with a 5% off discount offer or an offer for free shipping can convert the customer at the last second and create brand loyalty. Another abandoned cart strategy that is highly effective can be used once a customer is already on your email list. Sending out personalized abandoned cart emails that utilize interactive content to re-engage the customer will set you a cut above the rest.

Now that we’ve broken down the first four customer acquisition campaigns your marketing team should be planning, hopefully you’re feeling inspired to boost your conversions. For more resources related to customer acquisition, overlays, and interactive content, check out our resources page.

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