7 KPIs Every Email Marketer Should Track

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Every email marketer wants to start a campaign and hit it out of the park. But how do you know you’ve met those goals or if your campaign is performing well if you aren’t tracking the data?

It isn’t easy. Even if you see conversions coming in, you may never realize you have a few opportunities to boost those stats without tracking how emails are performing. 

That’s why focusing on a few KPIs (key performance indicators) is critical. After all, you spend your time carefully choosing products, taking good photos, and writing great copy, so why not track the data you need to ensure all the hard work you’re doing is paying off. And, if not, where to start fixing it.

Here’s what to know.

Open rates (even though they may be skewed)

While open rates have been a consistent KPI many brands track, your numbers may not be as reliable as in the past. After the Apple iOS 15 update, you have to take those open rates with a grain of salt now. Open rate data is still worthwhile to track, but know it’s not telling you the whole story.

Deliverability rates

If your emails aren’t even landing in your customer’s inboxes, then it’s pretty much impossible for them to convert. So take the time to review your deliverability data. Check to see if your emails aren’t getting delivered, bouncing, or going straight to a spam or junk folder. 

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List growth

Is your list growing, or has it been stagnant? If you’re struggling to get a consistent flow of new potential customers on your list, look to where you can make improvements. Change up your welcome campaign landing pages by adding new copy or a CTA. Also, see if you’re asking for too much information to get started. Or if your offer isn’t compelling enough to drive sign-ups. Small tweaks can start growing your list again.

Unsubscribe rate

Across industries, unsubscribe rates hover between 0.1% and 0.3%. If you’re seeing numbers go beyond that, it may indicate your emails aren’t connecting with your customers. And that is a problem. Review your target audience and make sure you’re speaking to them in your messaging, you could be missing the mark. Also, add in more personalized email content to help keep their attention.

Click-through rate

Your click-through rate is one of the best indicators to see if your emails are helping to drive action. The average click rate runs between 2% and 5%. One of your biggest goals is to help raise that number. How can you do it? Personalization is one approach. When customers get personalized messaging, they’re more likely to engage with your emails. So find ways to offer personalization in every email you send.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is the key stat for email marketers. While purchases matter, conversion rate simply tracks the percentage of people who completed an action. So don’t forget to check the conversion rate around any call to action you have, from reading a blog to leaving a review on a product to calling to set up a demo. This is why having goals around every one of your CTAs is essential, and making sure you have good CTAs for every email you send is critical.

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Overall ROI

So what’s your overall return on investment for your email marketing campaigns? Research shows that email is one of the best channels to connect with customers and drive engagement. If you’re not seeing a great ROI, there are plenty of opportunities to turn those numbers around. 

We can help. Using the Zembula platform, you can deliver personalized email campaigns that attract attention, build trust, and get customers clicking. We’ve helped brands like Thrive Causemetics get a 10% to 17% lift in revenue using our Smart Banners™ in their email campaigns. 

Click here to get in touch and set up a demo. We’ll show you how Zembula can improve your most important KPIs and generate more revenue for your brand.

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