6 Personalized Loyalty Email Ideas

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One of the absolute biggest keys in your approach to email personalization is to be sure that you’re taking care of our regular customers. Personalization allows you to let your creativity shine. There are so many varying ways to send personalized loyalty emails that get attention and drive results.

You work awfully hard to attract customers. You have to work even harder to retain them. And the key to being successful is to personalize your outreach so that you’re sending content that’s relevant to each individual customer.

When it comes to repeat customers, the job gets a little easier because you have more data to help you understand what that customer wants. The key is to harness that data so that you can use it effectively.

The Zembula platform allows you to create deeply personalized email content for every single campaign. Use your data to create sophisticated campaigns that take minutes to build and can be updated automatically, without editing code.

Your only limitation is creativity. Zembula lets you do these plus whatever other loyalty outreach promotional strategies you might be able to think up. Here are six ideas we think every retailer should be using.

Loyalty Status

The very first thing any retailer with a loyalty program should be doing is making it easy for each customer to understand their loyalty status. You should include their points balance on every piece of email correspondence. And that points balance should be personalized, addressing the customer by name.

Attract attention to the matter by adding animation. Zembula makes it simple.

Zembula loyalty email mock up

Loyalty + Promotion

Better than just telling your customer about their point status is to tie that point status to a special promotion.

For example, you can show your customer how many points they have and then tell them how many points remain until they reach a new level of loyalty status. Then you can encourage them to get to that status by offering a limited-time promotion that allows them to earn double points on each purchase.

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Exclusive Offers

One of the best ways to reward loyalty is to show it in return. Everybody likes to feel special. Make sure that your loyal customers are being taken care of by offering them exclusive deals.

Better yet, make those exclusive offers personalized and specific to their individual tastes.

Order Replenishment

One great way to recognize loyalty is to show your customers that you understand their individual needs. And one of the best ways to do that in a personalized way is through order replenishment reminders.

Stand out to your customer by showing them you know when they are due for a refill on a time-sensitive product. Use your data.

For example, if you know a product lasts a customer an average of 90 days, and your customer ordered that product 75 days ago, email them. Remind them their supply may be running low and they may want to reorder.

Order Replenishment Banner

Loyalty + Gift

Everybody is motivated by free stuff. Incentivize your customers to reach loyalty milestones by offering them personalized gifts. Use your data to understand what an individual customer likes. Then send them an email telling them that once they reach their next points level, you’ll send them something special, either for free or at a discount.

Event Invitations

If your business is local, get to know your most loyal customers by meeting them in person! Reward their loyalty by inviting them to dinner, a happy hour, or a ballgame. Send them a personalized invitation. You can really get their attention and increase FOMO by including a countdown timer that shows how long until the event.

It’s Easy To Start Sending Personalized Loyalty Emails

Zembula makes it a snap to use the data you’re already collecting to far greater effect.

You can design and animate personalized email content with any data source in our editor. And you can manage your content remotely with our Campaign Design Engine to automatically send the most relevant content to every user.

Request a Zembula demo to learn more.

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