6 Email Marketing Campaigns Every Beauty Brand Should Run

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Ecommerce is essential for beauty brands, so your email communication with your readers needs to be spot on to help convert more customers. 

All of that resonates from a few key email marketing campaigns. If you have these, you’re on the right track to building a great relationship with your readers. 

Do you want to find better ways to reach your customers? We’ve got a few ideas that can help you get started. 

Welcome campaign

Everything starts with your welcome campaign. Remember, your first contact with a new reader and, ideally, a potential customer lays the foundation for future interactions with your brand. 

So it’s essential to create a campaign that entices and engages them from the beginning. Some examples include:

  • Offering membership in your loyalty program
  • Providing a coupon code
  • Asking readers to join your SMS program

Creating a welcome campaign is one of the easiest ways to begin collecting emails, which is critical to engaging with customers and boosting revenue. 

Abandoned cart campaign

The average abandoned cart rate for online stores is nearly 70%. That makes abandoned cart messages some of the most important emails any brand can send. 

Thrive Abandoned cart

Smart Banners™ make it easy to turn every email you send into an abandoned cart campaign. These automated messages sit at the top of every email you send, alerting customers that they’ve left something behind. 

Abandoned browse campaign

Because each Smart Banner™ is hyper-personalized to your customers, you get personalization beyond a name — including what you’re customers have left behind. 

Thrive_Abandoned Browse

That’s incredibly useful when running abandoned browse campaigns. Each banner features a product image and user-generated ratings and reviews. For example, you have a special offer on a custom makeup kit that is selling fast. Smart Banners™ help alert customers who have previously browsed the item that there are limited quantities and they should buy now.

Sweeten your abandoned cart and browse notifications by adding coupon codes, financing options, and the ability to buy using loyalty points. 

Popular and recommended products

Every beauty brand has at least a few products customers love. When connecting with potential customers, use those products and feature or recommend them to your readers. 

There are a couple of paths to take with recommended products:

  • Include them in your triggered email campaigns to encourage customers to keep buying
  • Send flash sales or special deals on these products to first-time buyers or membership VIPs
  • Feature them in abandoned cart and browse messages 

Customers love getting customized product recommendations. And because you have access to so much data on each of your customers, it’s simple to pull out a handful of items that you know your customer will enjoy and love based on their past purchases. 

Product launch and promotional campaigns

Product launches and promotional emails are other campaigns you can send. Use new product launches to get customers interested that something new and exciting is coming their way. 

Then, with promotional campaigns, offer unique tie-ins with popular purchases, including the product in a subscription box, or let your current loyalty members get first dibs. 

promotional email

Here’s where it’s easy to double your messaging using Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ together to effectively personalize your messages. Rely on Smart Banners™ to increase message visibility, and Smart Blocks™ can continue to remind customers in the other emails you send.

Educational campaigns

You want to find ways to turn your customers into loyal advocates for your brand. One way to do that is through user-generated and educational content. See what people are talking about regarding your brand on social media, track common questions consumers ask about products, and turn that into helpful and educational content. 

For example, create a tutorial that shows customers the best tips for creating a killer cat eye. Or, make a series of gifs or a short video with best practices on cleaning brushes. Then put these into your emails, targeted to the customers who recently bought related projects. 

It’s another way to show you understand what your customers are interested in based on their personal shopping preferences. 

Learn how Zembula can help

We’ve helped beauty brands like yours grow their revenue through Smart Banners™ while streamlining their processes and improving customer experience. If it works for their brand, we can help you do the same. 

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