5 Ways to Use Kinetic Email for Personalization

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Honing in on customer experience is critical for every brand. But as attentions wane, consumers get savvier, and competition increases, it’s harder than ever. 

You need to find new and better ways to stand out and capture attention. If you don’t, your chances of converting customers and improving their lifetime value may shrink by the day. 

So, where to put your focus?

We think the one-two combination of personalization and kinetic email is going to pack a punch that will wow your customers and keep them coming back for more. 

Here are a few ways to see kinetic personalization in action.

Image personalization

A long time ago, we realized putting Hey Name at the start of an email helped increase metrics. By now, it’s pretty much standard practice. It’s simple, but it works. 

With dynamic emails, you can take this to a new level through image personalization.

Adding a simple yet impactful personalized image like this one can help move the needle. It catches the eye and can drive some customers to click. 

Location personalization

If you’ve done any shopping at all the last few months, you know that shipping is a bit of a mess, to put it lightly. Unfortunately, that’s not expected to change soon. 

But, tapping into customer data, such as their location, can help you provide an enhanced experience, especially when finding the products they want.

Use generalized location data to help point your customers to local stores that have the products on their wishlist or in their carts. Knowing something they want is physically in stock right now can help motivate them to buy.


Got a segment of customers who you want to keep buying from you? Why not treat them to a bonus or discount? With kinetic emails, you can transform a “here’s 10% off” email into something that’s interactive and dynamic. 

Spin and wins aren’t limited to your best customers either. There’s plenty of cool applications to use it in a variety of emails.

You can use it in a welcome sequence to start your new readers off with some surprise and delight. Or, add it to a re-engagement sequence as an easy way to bring some previous customers back into the fold. 

Personalized product recommendations

One of the most proven ways to convert customers is to show them the products they want to buy. But that’s often been easier said than done —until now.

Use a collapsible menu in your emails to offer that next level of personalization with product recommendations

When your customer clicks, they can see recommended products, the stuff they actually want to buy, tied in with special sales or discounts. This type of personalized dynamic email can drive a lot of clicks and conversions

Loyalty program rewards

A lot of brands have loyalty programs, but not every company is great at tapping into their potential. As a result, when the focus is always on getting more new customers, the old ones can sometimes get left behind. 

With personalized kinetic emails, you can do more for your most loyal members, improving their customer experience and helping to ensure they keep coming back for more.

An email like this has a couple of different possibilities for personalization. First, you’ve got customer data. Let your customer know where they stand with their rewards. Then, give them a bonus to encourage them to keep shopping.

Personalization is here to stay

Your customers want more personalized content in their emails, but most marketers don’t want to spend their lives testing code and segmenting lists. We’ve got you covered.

Zembula is here to help. With our email templates, built on a Smart Block system, you can drag and drop your way to custom emails that feature all sorts of personalization. 

If you want to learn more about how kinetic personalization in emails can help your brand, get in touch. We’d love to chat.

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