5 Ways Retailers Can Use Smart Banners™ in Abandoned Cart Campaigns

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We know the numbers on abandoned cart stats, and it’s not great. Across most industries, about 70% of the people who put something in their shopping cart will leave it behind. 

But that doesn’t mean those potential customers are gone for good. You can get them back. Abandoned cart campaigns help, but if you want to go further, turn to Smart Banners™.

Smart Banners™ allow you to include personalized abandoned cart notifications and updates in every email you send. And what’s more, these aren’t just static messages — they’re dynamic. You can use animations, add personalization, and tap into a variety of banner messages with different calls to action to drive engagement. 

Here are some examples in action.

Loyalty redemption

Every brand hopes to get loyal customers; it’s the lifeblood of any business. So make sure to think about your most loyal customers in all your messaging — especially if you have a loyalty program. 

Rather than send a generic abandoned cart message that doesn’t even mention their loyalty membership, personalize. Make it the focus of your message. Use Smart Banners™ to entice a return with loyalty benefits, such as free points for completing the purchase.

Product reviews

We all know one of the best tools to convince customers to buy is user-generated content. When customers see positive star ratings and reviews, it helps them trust your brand, which drives conversions. So capitalize on that.

Smart Banners™ give you the opportunity to do it. Connect your data sources, and Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine automatically pulls ratings, reviews, and customer comments from specific products to display on the banner. A personalized banner gets delivered to the right person, every time.

Financing offers

Buy now, pay later is becoming an increasingly popular way to shop for many consumers. In 2021, over 55% of shoppers used it, and about 75% of users are Millennials or Gen Z buyers. So if it’s an option you offer, it may be a tool to help drive action with abandoned carts. 

With a Smart Banner™, you have the space to alert customers there are financing options available. Plus, if you want to break down the numbers, you can. And add in a product image, gif, or other personalized animation to catch some extra eyes.

Free shipping

Consumers love free shipping, so it’s always a tool marketers can use to help try and convert some abandoned carts. With undecided shoppers, grabbing their attention with a one-time free shipping offer may make all the difference.

Of course, Smart Banners™ can help you do it. As you can see from the example above, this banner is personalized to the customer’s cart. There’s an image of the product, plus some user-generated content to show other people love it. Plus, since banners also track shipping, once your customer buys, they’ll know exactly when their purchase will arrive.


Now, what if you could do even more with your Smart Banners™? Instead of having one, what if you had the option to display multiple banners at once? Now you can with the carousel banner. The carousel offers even more opportunities for personalizing your messaging.

Check out the above example. This Smart Banner™ displays three different messages to the customer. First, it shows the item abandoned in the cart but then takes it further, highlighting happy customer reviews on that product and finishing with a loyalty discount. 

Go further with Zembula

Now that you see how Smart Banners™ can transform your emails, allowing you to send more personalized emails and get more attention and clicks, you may want to try it yourself. 

Adding Smart Banners™ into your abandoned cart campaigns can help ensure your messages last longer. Campaigns have more visibility, not to mention variety. With dozens of options, they’ll love to see what Smart Banner™ you send them next. 

We’d love to show you how Smart Banners™ can work for your brand by setting you up with a demo. So get in touch. One of our pros will walk you through the process.

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