5 ways brands can use personalized emails

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Are you personalizing your email campaigns?

Yes? That’s great. 

Now, is your personalization going beyond Hey [Name]?

If the answer is no, you’ve got a ton of opportunities to expand your email personalization strategy right at your fingertips. 

Here are a few ways you start using personalized emails to help drive more opens, clicks, and conversions from your customers. 

Abandoned cart emails

Leave the old simple, “You’ve left something in your cart” emails behind. Instead, focus on how you can include as much personalized information as possible in the email. 

That includes showing high-quality images of the exact products that left in the cart. Then, tap into your commerce and browser platform’s data to find other items your customer has checked out before. Create a recommended product section and include images of these items too.

Make it super easy to click, and you have the chance that some of the items your customer has already looked at might get added to that cart before checkout.

Order and shipping confirmation emails

Using personalization, you can capitalize on the already high open rates for transactional emails like these. 

One really cool feature is to give your customers real-time shipping data that update every single time they open their email. Knowing exactly where their package is with a simple click in the inbox can save them time trying to sign into accounts and find tracking numbers. Your customers will appreciate that. 

Loyalty emails

Every customer wants to feel like they are a VIP, but be honest, how often are you really going the extra step to give them something special?

To embrace more personalization, you can use the data in your loyalty rewards program to make every one of these emails jam-packed with information. 

For example, use these emails to trigger a little FOMO. You can highlight the points or miles your customers have and trigger an email that gets sent when they’ve reached enough to buy a ticket.

Or, on every general newsletter or sale email, you can add a section that reminds your VIP customers of the points they’ve earned and how to get the most out of them. 

Special event emails

You can do a ton with special event emails, and don’t forget to include personalization.

One approach is to pull in weather data. With geolocation, all you need is your customer’s zip code. From there, you can craft very specific emails that highlight the weather in that area and tie it to a special event you have going on. 

You can highlight or feature particular items in your shop based on where it’s located. It’s also possible to tie your sale in with other special events, maybe VIP fittings or personal shoppers at particular locations. 

Rather than sending out one mass email that will only matter to some of your customers, you can segment your emails by geolocation and speak directly to those local customers. Make it easy to schedule an appointment, and you’re going to have a customer who feels like this email was written just for them.

Notification bars

Yea, technically this isn’t its own email. But adding a notification bar feature to your current emails makes it super easy to turn every single email you send, even a simple newsletter, into something personalized. 

With a notification bar, you can add anything from an abandoned cart update to shipping information and even when a local sale is coming to any email you send.

This is a really simple way to ensure your customers feel like every email is just theirs, and they are always getting the information they need, no matter what. It’s a great way to keep your customers informed and build trust over the long run.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to personalizing emails, and we’ve just scratched the surface here. But, the important thing to note is that the more personalization you can offer, the better.

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