5 tips to make your holiday emails stand out

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Tis the season…to focus on your holiday emails! As the holiday season approaches, your customers are going to be inundated with emails. Suddenly, brands that haven’t been keeping in touch all year will decide it’s time to fire up their campaigns. 

The big need for you is to stand out and make your emails worth reading. A key part of that is planning your holiday email campaigns early. When you know the products you’re going to feature and set the design and copy, you can confidently launch your campaigns knowing they will get those clicks and conversions. 

Here are a few extra tips to ensure your emails are a cut above the rest. 

Use personalized animation

By now, we all know consumers want their emails personalized. With so many emails clogging up their inbox on a regular day, never mind the holiday season, only a handful will get their attention. 

Make sure one of them is yours. Use animations to tease product launches, showcase upcoming sales, highlight the latest and greatest product reviews, and keep your customer in the loop on shipping updates.

Personalized animation in your emails can make a huge difference when it comes to standing out. Not only do they look pretty cool, but they engage customers too. Our research shows a 30% click-through rate lift when personalized animations are used, resulting in nearly a 110% increase in revenue. 

Imagine those numbers during the holidays.

Optimize your emails with AI

Even the thought of A/B testing during the holidays, with everything else going on, sounds overwhelming. Trying to test every email and make tweaks one by one to get the data and then make changes again, who wants to take the time and energy to do that?

But at the same time, with so much revenue generated during the holiday season, you don’t want to feel like you’re winging it either. Your emails are too important this time of year. 

We’ve got an answer. The Zembula AI helps optimizes your emails for you. Test multiple variables and send all your emails at once. AI optimizes for your goals and automatically drives readers to the winning emails.

Create a sense of urgency

From a marketing standpoint, one of the best things about the holiday season is there are specific dates for you to work with. Regardless of which holiday you’re planning on highlighting, from Halloween to Hanukkah, you’re racing against the clock. 

Use that urgency and feature it in your emails. One way to do it is with countdown timers. During the holidays, you can use countdown clocks in email in a variety of ways. 

Add them to your emails to let people know when your holiday sales are launching, when a new product is getting released, the last day for shipping, when your holiday gift guide is coming, you get the idea.

Create dynamic emails

Today’s emails need to be special to stand out. One way to do that is to make them dynamic. Emails that that update at the moment of open, pull data from your website, and feature real-time information can set you apart from the competition year-round, not just during the holiday season. 

With Zembula’s Smart Blocks, all you need to do is copy and paste a snippet of code into your email templates, and we take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about spending time digging around through HTML or constantly stopping campaigns to update with new information.

Instead, you can focus on creating click-worthy emails your customers are going to love.

Update customers in real-time

With everyone so busy during the holiday season, things can change quickly. Shipping rates, product inventory, and prices can fluctuate. When that happens, it’s hard to keep your customers up to date without burying them in constant emails. 

Unless you’re using real-time notifications

abandoned cart countdown circle

Notifications sit right at the top of regular emails and are personalized for specific customers. For example, if your customer left something in their cart, use a personalized real-time notification to give them a nudge with a coupon or free shipping added. 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways Zembula can help you level up your holiday email campaigns this year. Curious about learning more? Get in touch today and speak with an expert. We’d love to chat!

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