5 strategies for your next abandoned cart email campaign

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Ok you’ve decided to revamp your abandoned cart email campaign strategy. That’s great news and the first step to seeing some real changes in re-engaging your potential customers and getting more sales. 

Step one is set — you’ve decided to take some action. 

Now comes the hard part, deciding exactly what type of approach you’re going to take. What you might not realize is there are actually quite a few approaches that brands take with their abandoned cart campaigns. 

If that sounds familiar, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the best strategies for abandoned cart emails that you can use going forward. 

So let’s get to it. 

Showcase the product

One of the best strategies you can do to boost your abandoned email clicks is by making the product (or products) sitting in the cart the focus of the email. 

An easy way to do this is have a nice big picture of the product they were going to buy. You want to highlight as the showcase of the email. When your potential customer sees this, it can help trigger an interest in completing the purchase.

Highlight related products

In a similar vein, you can also use your abandoned cart email to try to increase your final sale by enticing your shopper to look at other products. 

An example like this from Worx not only shows off the first product but also highlights a bunch of other yard related tools that could interest the buyers too/

The key here is you don’t want to just toss any product up there and call it a day. What you want to do is have a specific set of related or complementary products that match what’s in your shopper’s cart. 

Use social proof

Another approach you can take to get a shopper interested in buying an abandoned product is to tap into social proof. Tons of studies over the years have proven that people are more likely to buy something that has good reviews from others online. 

So you might want to use some of your best product reviews and highlight those as a selling point in your emails. You can use quoted testimonials within your email copy too. Adding one or two testimonials to the bottom of your email can make a big difference.

Embrace loyalty

We all know that loyal customers are people who stick with your brand over time. They will buy from you multiple times, and their average purchases tend to be higher as well.

That’s a good combination. You want to encourage that as much as you can if you have a loyalty program. To do that, tap into personalization, include loyalty and VIP points in your abandoned cart emails.

For example, an email like this lets customers know that they can put their loyalty points toward a product. Add information like that to your abandoned cart emails to try and trigger more purchases. 

Try incentivizing

One of the most common reasons why someone will abandon their cart is shipping. People do not like paying a lot for shipping, and they don’t like their shipping to take a while either. 

A potential customer on your site might balk at paying an additional $20 to cover shipping costs, so they abandon their cart. To get them back, one best practice is to offer some sort of incentive that is going to get them buying again. 

A lot of brands turn to free shipping offers. You can also offer a discount on that purchase or the next purchase. Or, even throw in something like a special gift for free. 

Start implementing your strategy

Now that you have a couple of strategies you can try, it’s time to get things going. 

You can work with any of these common abandoned cart strategies, try a combination, or come up with your own. The important thing, as you roll these out, is to test and make sure you check the results for your campaigns and how they are working. 

It’s always a good idea to test and see how your customers are responding. From there, you can make tweaks and really zero in on what works best.

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