5 marketing ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

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When you think St Patrick’s Day marketing, you might think of garish leprechaun animations and cheap green beer. The holiday originally began as a day to host an elaborate feast in honor of the patron Saint Patrick, but in modern times you’re more likely to think of bar hopping millennials on March 17th. This hard-partying trend has turned St Patrick’s Day into a marketing goldmine for the restaurant, bar and alcohol industries, but why should we let them have all the fun?

We came up with 5 jumping-off points for content marketing campaigns that B2B companies can use this St. Patrick’s Day. Use these as inspiration to prompt a quick social media post, or craft some more elaborate content to share with your recipients!

Green: It seems simple but green is the color on everyone’s mind this holiday. Crafting a green version of your logo to share on social media, or snapping some pictures of your team decked out in their green gear is an easy way to jump on the St. Patrick’s Day train. More verbose campaigns can incorporate a humble-brag about their brand’s ability to save the consumers money (or “green”) this holiday.

Pinching: If you forget to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, you get pinched! Everyone remembers the game from when they were a kid. Many modern-day consumers are pinching pennies to make ends meet. B2B marketers are always pinched for time and resources to craft compelling campaigns. Use the connection to capitalize on how much money you can save your recipients, or how streamlined your services are.

Luck: Everyone’s heard of “The Luck of the Irish!” This old mining expression refers to the Irish’s fabled luck and skill in uncovering gold and amassing a fortune. Get in on some of that legendary luck and create content that lets your consumers know how lucky you feel to have them. Showing appreciation at unexpected moments like St. Patrick’s Day can help build consumer loyalty and boost customer’s positive brand associations.

Gold: As marketers, we’re all after the same pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – the conversion. The goal is to turn a potential customer into a brand evangelist through timely communications. Customers are seeking a pot of gold as well, in the form of the value to price ratio of a given product or service. No matter your audience, there’s a metaphor to be found and applied for their given “pot of gold.”

Parties: Let’s be honest, you can’t escape the modern day connection of St. Patrick’s day with parties. Use this association to hit your recipients with a timely message inviting them to an “exclusive party” in the form of a discount or membership to a loyalty program. Your relevance to the date and personal tone will help the recipient feel a connection to your brand and be more inclined to purchase your product or service.

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday with historical roots and modern connotations. Throughout its history, it has inspired mass consumer action and the exchange of goods, regardless of the form in which it is celebrated. In fact, the average person spends $39.70 over the course of the holiday. Ensure your brand gets a piece of that revenue and craft a campaign! Something as simple as a social post can have an impact on your follower’s brand loyalty, while more complex campaigns will feel relevant and timely, leaving an impression on your consumer that will last beyond March 17th.

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