5 Fantastic Interactive Content Marketing Campaigns

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It seems the only thing marketers are talking about these days is interactivity. While it is so key to incorporate some sort of interaction in our campaigns, it can still be hard to get motivated to think of new ways to engage with our consumers. The fluid nature of incorporating interactivity into campaigns means there are endless ways to accomplish the goal of creating brand loyalty and capturing attention. All it takes is a little inspiration! We’ve gathered five really fantastic interactive content marketing campaigns to help get your creative juices flowing and your team motivated to craft awesome interactive marketing campaigns.

FitBit’s “Fitness Challenge Generator”:

interactive content marketing fitbit

Fitbit’s dynamic fitness challenge generator aimed to keep customers involved by providing them with inspiration and goals for group fitness. By offering consumers value in the form of unique fitness challenges, the campaign successfully fostered interaction and created social media impressions for Fitbit’s online presence as participants shared their progress toward common fitness goals. Reaching out a friendly olive branch to their consumers allowed them to create a two-way conversation between their customer’s and the brand. This connection and reciprocity are what makes interactive content marketing such a successful strategy.

The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Club”:

interactive content marketing wsj

This interactive marketing campaign, complete with a graphic and accompanying article from the Wall Street Journal, explores the 167 startups valued at 1 billion dollars or more. By allowing readers to move through the information in a variety of ways, the Wall Street Journal is able to connect with their audience, no matter their reading and learning style. The dynamic graph interacts to mouse hovers on both the graph and the text. There is also an option to “play” and let the graph teach you the information as it moves through a timeline of the included companies’ growth. This interactive content marketing approach allows consumers to connect with the Wall Street Journal on a more personal level than most articles, fostering brand loyalty and ensuring their content sticks out from the crowd.

Ceros and Invision’s “The Pixel and The Pen”:

interactive content marketing ceros

This interactive slideshow from Ceros and Invision aims to help content creators and designers learn to work alongside one another more efficiently. As two B2B companies, both brands understand their consumer’s main problems, like time management and communication across departments, and they aim to address these issues with some fun interactive storytelling. The slideshow walks readers through a tale of two heroes who meet a wise old crone who shows them the path to reconciliation. As consumers click through the slides, pop up messages with hints on collaboration appear. By bringing in a whimsical element of storytelling and allowing consumers to explore the story in their own fashion, the brands were able to foster interaction and make a lasting impression with interactive content marketing campaigns.

National Geographic’s “Locked Up Abroad Interactive Map”:

interactive content marketing nat geo

The TV show Locked Up Abroad on the National Geographic channel has been on the air for a long time. To generate excitement around the show and keep watchers actively engaged, the brand created an interactive map of the episodes available online. By allowing consumers to click around on a map and see episodes broken up by general category like “Kidnapped” or “Caught in the Act” as well as by location on the globe, the brand gave consumers the power to find and watch episodes that interest them better. The added element of interaction gave their viewers more control to search through episodes in a way that differs from many services. The fun interactive approach keeps watchers engaged in a long running series.

WIRED’s “An Interactive Conversation with Joss Stone”:

Bringing interactivity to video in a new way, WIRED conducted an interview with Joss Stone and then gave watchers the ability to click around through topics in the interview, creating a “Choose Your Own Adventure” feel to this interactive marketing campaign. By allowing consumers to choose the topics of the interview that interested them, the brand created interaction and a lasting impression on their watchers. This engaging interactive approach to video creates an exciting campaign that consumers are motivated to share and remember.

These approaches we’ve explored show that interactivity can be added in a multitude of ways, including some that haven’t even been thought of yet! There are so many little apps and small simple ways to incorporate interactivity into your marketing strategy. By keeping your consumer’s needs top of mind and actively aiming to foster and increase two-way interaction with your brand’s content, you can create interactive marketing campaigns that go the extra mile and make a difference. You’ll be able to see the effectiveness of interaction as your key progress indicators continue to hit their marks of growth!

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