4 Ways to Add Interactivity to Mother’s Day

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Okay, so you know it’s important to conduct marketing activities around Mother’s Day, but what can you do that’s not played out? No one wants to cheapen a sincere holiday by piggybacking on it for marketing purposes. However, it’s important to connect with your customers around holidays that are meaningful to them if you want your brand to remain relevant in their lives.

How can you reach out to your audience this Mother’s Day and make a meaningful connection that enhances brand loyalty and engagement? The key is interactivity! By inviting your recipient to interact with your content in a way that fosters a reciprocal relationship this Mother’s Day, you’ll ensure your brand stands out and gets noticed.

We’ve come up with 4 interactive Mother’s Day campaign ideas that you can steal or repurpose this holiday season.

Create a fun social-media-friendly video: Everyone loves to share videos around the holidays that collect their best memories into one concise humble brag. Mother’s Day is a time to show your appreciation for the person who brought you into this world, and what better way to profess your love in this day and age than with a social media post? Give your audience a chance to upload pictures of them and their Mom interacting with your product or service and turn them into a fun video. They’ll love the shareable aspect and your brand will align itself with family values, encouraging trust and loyalty from your consumers.

Encourage your audience to share their memories: A good heart-wrenching story can bring even the most stoic of us to tears. It’s the reason why movies like Titanic and The Notebook are a part of our cultural canon. No day is better for soulful reminiscing than Mother’s Day. Create a landing page that encourages recipients to share their most meaningful memory with their Mother and incentivize their participation with a discount or prize. This strategy can take many forms. You could encourage them to share a written story, a short video, or even a screenshot of a text message. No matter what format you execute, the emotional implication of the message will resonate with your audience. Whatever you choose to do, you can be assured that your brand remains top of mind this Mother’s Day.

Create a simple calculator: There’s nothing we love more in the digital age than data, and a fun way to conceptualize Mother’s Day is through the numbers. Give your audience a simple calculator that allows them to add up some number related to their Mom. Let them estimate how much money they’d owe her, or how many hours they’ve spent on the phone with her. These fun little calculations grab the consumer’s interest much in the same way a Buzzfeed headline does, and by getting them to click through and calculate their own data, you’re creating engagement and form fills without the email hassle (make sure that you create a calculator for data that is shareable!). As your consumers see their friends sharing the numbers you’ve helped them calculate, their curiosity will be piqued and they’ll be more likely to interact with your brand.

Jump on the hashtag trend: In the past few decades, holidays like Mother’s Day have become a chance for people to share their love for their family with the world via social media. While older generations may appreciate a more private celebration, millennials want to share their love with the world (or the social media world at least!) Don’t let your brand get lost in the generational gap. Jump on the hashtag trends this Mother’s Day and ensure you remain relevant to a digital audience. Keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram for hashtag trends and be sure to add your message to the mix. The interactive feelings you create by staying current with social media trends will help your customers foster a personal connection with your brand.

Mother’s Day may not be the first holiday that comes to mind, but it’s crucial your brand doesn’t miss out on the boost in engagement this year! Try one of these ideas, or use them as a launching pad to inspire your own brilliant campaign. Just be sure to avoid selling clichés like flowers and chocolate. Your consumers are tired of being sold to and want to be connected with! Make sure you leverage some interactivity this Mother’s Day to create loyal customers and enhance engagement with your messages.

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