4 Unique Email Campaigns Brands Can Send

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Welcome, cart abandonment, Black Friday and Cyber Monday; you’ve got all those campaigns covered. But, you still want to develop some new campaigns that can help you convert more customers and stand out.

So what to do? You still want to send emails that are relevant and matter to your customers, so coming up with ideas out of thin air won’t work. But, there are a few creative email marketing campaigns every brand can send to help boost customer engagement. 

Here are a few to try:

Holiday emails

Most email marketers dedicate a good portion of the year to creating Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails. Still, tons of holidays can apply to your customers throughout the year. 

So start adding a few of these into your email marketing mix. Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and other national holidays can still offer marketing opportunities for your customers. 

Also, have a little fun and look toward offbeat holidays. Don’t miss an opportunity to highlight National Pet Month (May) or Picnic Month (July) if you can find a way to apply it to your brand.

Product launches

Got a new product hitting the shelves soon? Don’t wait around for your customers to find it. Send a few emails letting them know what’s coming and when they can expect it. Adding a little FOMO to the mix never hurts either.

You can also feature product launches and teases with a Smart Banner™. Include a countdown clock or a special coupon to entice readers into engaging with your notifications. 

Smart Banners™ make it easy to take any promotion email, like a product launch, and turn it into a banner. Then, identify those who’ve bought related products or are likely shoppers using your customer data to personalize the announcements

Customer reviews and testimonials

You know consumer ratings and reviews are crucial for connecting with potential customers. It helps establish trust in your brand. If you aren’t already making it easy for your customers (or asking them) to rate and review your products, you need to start. 

From there, use your best reviews and testimonials and share them in your email campaigns. Yes, you can use Smart Blocks™ to feature them in your email content and highlight them in Smart Banners™ too.

cart browse abandonment

But go beyond that and target specific customers and send them recommended products with related reviews and testimonials. That’s an excellent opportunity to snag some low-hanging fruit and get a few conversions.

Educational content

No one knows your products better than you. Ask any employee and they can probably list off all sorts of interesting hacks and tidbits about your products or services that most people don’t even realize. 

All of that expert insider information makes for great content. Creating educational information around specific products or services and sending them to your list can help build trust, improve click-through rates, and drive conversions.

Try exclusive tips, case studies, and product how-tos to start. They don’t have to be super in-depth. A quick blog post or even a short explainer video can make a difference. Offering value to your readers and go a long way toward building interest in a product.

Do more with Smart Banners™ 

Do you want to still make sure your customers always see critical messages, regardless of what campaign you’re sending? Then you’ll want to try Smart Banners™. These dynamic banners showcase personalized content to your readers based on pre-set parameters determined by you.

smart banner decision engine

Add a snippet of code to your email template, hook up your data sources, and Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine will ensure your customers get sent relevant, personalized content delivered automatically. So, you can always feel confident that your most important messages won’t get ignored.

Want to learn more about what Smart Banners™ can do for you? Check out our Email Marketer’s Guide to Smart Banners™; you’ll learn how to best use banners to improve customer engagement and boost revenue. 

Get your copy of the guide here.

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