3 Ways to Put the Customer First in Your Emails

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We say the customer matters most, but sometimes brands don’t act like it. That’s probably one big reason why there’s been such a push to recapture customer attention and engagement the last few years. 

While a digital-first focus opens up a ton of opportunities to reach customers and interact with them in new ways, it’s also really easy to look at them as piles of data. 

There is a way to do both — use data effectively and offer your customers a better, more personalized experience. Here’s how to use your email to put your customers first and start improving their connection to your brand. 

Take your emails dynamic

When it comes to offering personalized content in emails, there are few better ways to do it than through dynamic content. With kinetic emails, you can update and change messaging easily. You aren’t stuck with the same generic content going out to everyone. 


Plus, dynamic emails offer more opportunities for personalization. You can create and send relevant messages to your readers, giving them the content, updates, and information they want. When customers start getting relevant, personalized emails, you’re going to start standing out. 

Dynamic emails also benefit marketers. You can gather more critical information and data on customer interests, trends, and buying behavior. And, with Zembula’s AI optimization, you don’t need to worry about A/B testing every message you send out. Instead, your customers will get the winning emails automatically.

Highlight other customer successes

A huge benefit of user-generated content is it’s an invaluable tool for educating potential customers and driving action. Plus, it’s something that your readers and customers want to see. The fact is that your customers are often more engaged by the stories they see from people just like them versus a general marketing message. So make that part of your customer experience.

So tap into what happy customers share and use it more often in your emails. There are a couple of ways to do this. An easy one is by showcasing product ratings and reviews in your emails. Then, every time you send an email with a product or service, highlight the rating. Let your customers know how much other people love this product. Something as simple as that does drive action. 

Personalize your emails by going deeper with ratings and reviews. Use testimonials and showcase customer success stories. When you have a segment of customers interested in a particular product, put those high reviews and success stories front and center in your copy. It’s a great way to connect with your customers and drive action.

Get more feedback

A wild concept, right? Asking your customers what they want or are interested in from your brand? Yes, it’s super simple, but you can get all sorts of interesting information that helps both you and them. When you know what the people want, it’s a lot easier to give it to them.

There are a couple of benefits of asking your customers for feedback. First, it gives you a snapshot of where you stand. You’ll see what you’re doing well and your areas for improvement. You’ll also get a much more in-depth view of your customer’s interests, wants, and motivations — we all know how key that is to successful marketing. 

What is your favorite summer activity

With dynamic emails, you can also ask your customers to choose between different interests or products. Insert a poll or live survey into the mix. Getting that information can help you really shape their customer journey into something a lot more personalized. Based on their interests, it’s easier to develop related content and send them the products they’re most excited to buy.

We can help

If you want to do more to put your customer first in emails and improve their overall experience, Zembula can help. With our platform, you can create dynamic, personalized emails that engage your customers and move them to action. 

If you want to hear more, get in touch and schedule a call. We’d love to spend some time learning about your business and how we can help make a difference and improve your customer experience. 

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