3 ways retailers can feature products in email

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Every retailer has a deep understanding and knowledge of the products they sell. You know there are a few items that customers love. Those are the products that drive the majority of your sales and get people in the door.

So, it makes sense that you’d want to capitalize on those products. Email marketing is one way to do it. Knowing what your customers are interested in is a competitive advantage. Sending customers emails that feature those products is a great way to engage and have them take action. 

Now, imagine sending dynamic emails to highlight personalized product recommendations to your customers. Sound interesting? We’ve got a few ways retailers can start doing it.

Send emails that update in real time

One of the best parts of the Zembula platform is it allows you to send emails that update in real-time. That’s because the email updates not when you send it out but the moment your customer opens their email.

When it comes to giving your customers the best and most up-to-date information, that’s a massive advantage! And even better, when you make pricing or inventory on your website, that information can be pulled directly into your email, automatically and in real-time using web scrape

Same user opens the same email at a different time

Use an email like this to promote everything from featured products to special events and flash sales. And, with content blocks, you can also direct your readers to their nearest store to their location. Just like with the information from your site, that updates in real-time at the moment-of-open too.

If you have an update in pricing, inventory, or promotion, you don’t have to worry that your customers are getting wrong or out-of-date information. Instead, you can pull all that information into your email. 

Incorporate ratings and reviews

User-generated ratings and reviews are some of the best ways to get your customers interested in a product. After all, if someone loves a product and shares that on your site, it has a real impact on other potential customers. 

You can tap into those ratings and reviews and highlight them in your emails. Tie the featured products with the ratings and reviews from customers. It’s even possible to do this in real-time, bringing in the latest in verified reviews, so your customers always see what the latest happy customers have to say.

Mix and match the elements you want to feature, including star ratings, testimonials, images, and custom product qualities. Display them in a way to get the most impact on your customer.

Beyond simple ratings and reviews, it’s possible to use your email to share popular questions and answers related to your featured products too. It helps bring yet another level of engagement to your emails. Not to mention, this information gives your customers key needed information, right from their emails. Build trust by educating your readers.

Highlight related products

Another way to engage customers through email is to tie in related items to your featured products emails. Explore your customer data, see what they’ve purchased in the past, and look at but haven’t bought yet. Then, use that information to send them personalized product recommendations.

The email above is a perfect example in action. When you have a customer who has already purchased a specific product, entice them with other similar products and flavors. And, use that information to ensure those customers get updates and alerts in real-time when new products come into your shop. 

Being able to feature products and tie in related items can make a dramatic impact on your customer engagement, click, and conversion rates. And want to improve things even more? Then add in reviews and ratings with all of your related products too. 

It’s pretty easy to see just how many ways retailers can use real-time emails to feature products, grab customer attention, and make more sales. 

Want to learn how Zembula can improve your emails and make a bigger impact with your customers? We’d love to chat and learn more about your business. Get in touch today; we’re here to help.

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