3 Ways Financial Services Companies Can Add More Personalization to Emails

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Relationship building is important to every brand. There’s no doubt about that. But, for some more service vs. product-based companies, such as those in financial services, relationship building is an essential tool for success. 

One area to stand out? Offering a dynamic customer experience via email. Traditionally, financial relationships have been built face-to-face. A customer met with a bank, insurance agent or mortgage broker to learn about processes or complete deals.

Now, so much of that is done online. And younger generations prefer it. Often, they want the information they need to make decisions online instead of person-to-person.

That can be a struggle for many brands. But, here’s the good news: you can offer an outstanding customer experience to prospective leads and current customers online. How to do it? By delivering personalized, people-focused content and information.

Here are a few ways to get started.

Use Smart Banners for personalized alerts

There is so much information you can share with your customers on a daily basis. But a lot of it can get lost in the noise. People get dozens of emails a day, and until they know they can put your emails in the ‘must always open’ pile, vital news and updates can get lost in the shuffle. 

With Smart Banners, ensure your customers always get the information you want them to have. These banners get automatically populated at the top of your emails. 

Here’s an example:

In this email, the Smart Banner lets the reader know they can contribute more to their Roth IRA for 2021. It’s a great form of building customer-focused engagement. It’s offering helpful information your customer probably doesn’t know off the top of her head, and it’s really easy to take action.

Since the banner has a call to action button built-in, all it takes is one click, and your reader can contribute more to her retirement. And, with Zembula, your customer’s privacy is taken very seriously. All their data remains secure.

Offer snapshots of spending

A lot of people are trying to be more spending conscious today. But that often means logging into a couple of different sites and tracking expenditures and purchases in an app or somewhere else. 

Your email offers a perfect opportunity to start adding customer account snapshots to help them know where they stand whenever they open their emails. They don’t need to wait until they get a statement at the end of the month.

There are a couple of great reasons to give your customer a personalized animated image that’s a snapshot of their spending. First, showing them their current balance helps them see right away if they’ve potentially gone over budget for the month. Another benefit of showing the last few purchased items means they can alert you if something doesn’t look right or there’s potential fraud.

Let them know when they can save

Want to really be a hero in the eyes of your customer? Send them personalized emails that show them when you’ve discovered potential savings. 

Looking at customer data, you know when customers might qualify for special discounts or offers. Rather than sit back and wait for them to find that information, be proactive and let them know. 

It’s a great way to improve your customer experience and streamline processes too. When your customer can get exactly the information they’re looking for right from their email and save money in the process, that’s a pretty big win for them. All that goodwill is going to transfer to your brand.

Zembula makes it easy

Personalizing financial services emails is easy with Zembula. Our platform allows you to design with data in mind. It’s intuitive, keeps your customer data private and you don’t need to be a professional designer to get started. 

A few snippets of code are all you need. Put it in the corresponding content block, and data gets pulled into the email directly from your sources. Then you can drag and drop our personalized Smart Banners and Smart Blocks to your heart’s content. 

Intersted in learning more? We’d love to chat and see how we can help your brand send out more personalized content that drives engagement. Get in touch today.

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