3 Areas to Focus On to Improve Customer Experience

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While holiday campaigns are the big focus of most email marketers right now, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye to the future. 

The changes Apple put into effect with its iOS 15 update will continue to have long-reaching ramifications in the coming months and years. What used to work in the past might not anymore. And the metrics you relied on, like open rates, likely won’t matter as much as they used to.

Customer experience (CX) is one of the most important factors for a brand to focus on and will continue to be moving forward. But what steps can you take now to move it into more focus?

We’ve got three prime areas you can start developing now that will help improve your customer experience

Dynamic email

Interactive emails are back big time. While, technically, these never went away, adding a kinetic element to your email allows customers to interact and engage with your brand right from their inbox. 

There tons of ways you can start adding more interactive dynamic content to your emails to improve the customer experience. 

Use it to offer critical information, such as when items in their wishlist are in-stock.


Create live polls to gather reader preferences and data. It’s an easy way to find out their interests and tailor future content to their needs.

Get readers to actively click with carousels and spin-to-win features. Increasing active engagement helps participants feel more of a connection and interest when they’re asked to participate. 

When you start introducing dynamic emails to your campaigns, it’s so much easier to stand out. Users are encouraged to click, spin, and scratch, which helps them stay interested in your brand and makes them more likely to engage in future emails.

More personalization

At this point, it seems you can never offer enough personalization in customer emails. While it can be difficult to offer super high levels of personalization with a lot of ESPs, Zembula makes it easy. 

All you need to do is create your templates, add in a few snippets of code from your data, and suddenly you’ve got supercharged personalization in your emails.

Zembula personalized email

With Smart Blocks, you can add image personalization in the form of gifs and dynamic content, attracting attention, capturing the eye, and driving more engagement. 

Personalization has been shown to increase opens, clicks, and conversions, and now customers are looking for it. But, with dozens of emails in their inboxes every day, consumers don’t have time to open everything, and they don’t want to.

They are only going to go for the emails offering the most relevant, personalized content. So make sure you’re on that list.

Artificial Intelligence

Yup, AI is coming for your email list. Using AI can help negate the need to spend endless hours segmenting your list, running dozens of A/B tests, and making dozens of tweaks before sending out a campaign. 

Zembula can help here too. With AI optimization on the Zembula platform, you can save your time and energy. Test multiple variables at once without needing high impression counts, and our AI decision engine will pick the winning email in real-time and deliver it

The result is personalized content delivered right to your customers without needing to stop and restart campaigns. That makes it so much easier to feel confident that your readers are getting the personalized email that matters to them, be it abandoned cart reminders, sale announcements, or loyalty point updates.

Email is going to continue to move in this direction. AI and machine learning are here to stay. So understanding how you can start benefitting from it now can only help moving forward.

Want to deliver an unparalleled customer experience?

We thought so! And that’s why we’re here to help. The data shows that customer experience will be one of a brand’s key competitive advantages now and into the future. Don’t get left behind.

Get in touch today, and learn how Zembula can integrate with your ESP and open up a new world of personalization and optimization to your current campaigns. 

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