26 Things You Can Do With Zembula [UPDATED]

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Now that Zembula experiences are embeddable, we thought we’d give you some ideas for how to use these reveal experiences in your marketing and on your website. We came up with 25 great ways to utilize interactivity using us, Zembula! Check them out below.

1. Create Discovery Moments
Do you want to highlight new product offerings? Or perhaps show visitors a product of the month? Using an embedded experience on your homepage that draws attention to the piece you want to highlight is a sure-fire way to get eyes on it.

2. Grow Your Email List
Want 3x the subscribers? Try turning your email captures into interactive experiences. Once a viewer interacts with your brand they are more likely to give you their information – it’s called the endowment effect. Deploy this as a Slide-in on your site for maximum exposure in a tasteful way.

3. Reveal Your Promotions
Running a promotion? Reveal experiences are the best way to highlight customer savings on your homepage. You can even swap out an experience with a new discount right from your Zembula dashboard, no need to edit code!

4. Educate Your Audience
Audience education has been proven to lead to better customer loyalty and repeat purchases over time. Giving your audience a chance to learn something while also letting them have a bit of fun makes the content you’re using sticky, and ultimately will allow your audience to remember that content longer. They will look to you as a thought leader, and remember the gamification of your content.

5. Promote Your Content
Have you spent tons of time and effort on a white paper or ebook? How many views has your content gotten? If you want your creativity and knowledge to stand out, use an interactive experience to drive traffic to your content. Even better, gate your content behind a simple email form in an overlay, allowing you to gather valuable data and build lists based on who is viewing your content.

6. Emphasize Product Features
Lead your audience to discover product benefits and features with a simple interactive experience. Not only will the experience stand out on a static page, but educating your audience about specific benefits will lead to less product confusion and more conversions over time.

7. Foster Loyalty
Looking to foster long-term loyalty among your fans? What better way to gain a following than to drive sign-ups with an entertaining experience! Allowing your audience to actively participate in your loyalty program keeps them invested, due to a little psychological principle called the Ikea Effect .

8. Increase Brand Awareness
If you’re holding a contest or putting on an amazing event, you wouldn’t want to use the same old, boring, static invitation. Advertise your event or contest in a new way with an experience. Guests or attendees can slide, scratch, peel or pull their way to the invitation or sign-up page, leaving them more engaged and prepared to enter the information required of them.

9. Acquire New Customers
New customer acquisition is the lifeblood of any business. Thankfully, we’ve made it much easier to make and keep fans of your brand via dynamic interactive experiences. Simply add them to your homepage, blog sidebar, check-out page, product category pages, or even your retargeting ads to give your conversions a lift!

10. Spice Up Your Transactional Messaging
Instead of sending a traditional receipt after a sign-up or purchase, why not try using an experience overlay? You can have an overlay trigger over a more traditional receipt, perhaps revealing a follow-up offer or redirecting to another educational page. Surprise your customers not only on your homepage but also after their transaction is complete.

11. Entertain and Delight Your Audience
We all appreciate a little break from the normal. Why not gamify your user experience with interactivity? Using reveal marketing can infuse delight into your marketing campaigns, and give your brand a leg up on the competition.

12. Surprise Your Fans
Your best customers are typically your longest customers. Surprise them by showing them something new and different that will stick with them long after they’ve purchased. Give them an interactive experience they are sure to love and see how positively they respond!

13. Spruce up Your Website
Maybe your website is looking a little dated or dull. Maybe you just want to infuse a bit of fun and beauty into your page. Whatever the reason, embedding an experience on your website can overhaul the look and feel of a homepage, without all the need for all that pesky CSS or a designer.

14. Stand Out From Your Competition
The future is already here, and that future is interactivity! Jump on the next wave by adopting interactive reveal experiences into your campaigns and website. This is a great way to differentiate your brand, ensure that you are outpacing your competitors at every turn, and staying top-of-mind with your consumers.

15. Increase Engagement Time

The average time of engagement with a page is just 8 seconds. That’s not enough time to get your message across! Don’t despair, using reveal experiences can increase that engagement time from 8 seconds to an average of 24! With 3x more time spent on a page, your audience is sure to understand and absorb your message.

16. Drive Conversions
Speaking of engagement time…did you know that the more time customers spend with a brand, the more chances there are for conversion? It seems like a simple concept, but the execution can trip some brands up. Not you, though. You’ve got Zembula experiences on your side!

17. Boost Your Ad Performance
Does your brand retarget visitors to your website? You should! Zembula’s experiences are proven to drive your click-thru rate through the roof when used within an ad campaign!

18. Do Something Unexpected
We’ve seen it all at this point: the slick websites, each looking exactly the same as the last. Don’t be boring, don’t be predictable! Stand out by embedding our experiences on your website. Adding a layer of interactivity will intrigue your audience and keep them coming back for more.

19. Redirect Traffic
Using our overlay experiences can be a great way to redirect traffic between pages or even between an old and new website URL. It allows for your audience to discover the redirect or change as a pleasant surprise, rather than as an inconvenience or frustration. Anything to keep the customers happy!

20. Add Dimension to Static Pages
Using embedded reveal experiences in strategic places on your website can act almost like a treasure hunt, leading your audience from page to page, highlighting what you want them to see, and then finally leading them through the purchase process to the treasure chest that is your product! Increase the time visitors spend on your site, and guide them through the act of purchasing your product in a way that is surprising, delightful, and will leave them wanting more.

21. Streamline Your Buyers’ Shopping Experience
So you’ve highlighted a product with a reveal experience. Did you know, using API hooks, you can even add that item directly to a user’s cart from the experience? This is for the slightly more advanced among us, so if code isn’t your thing, maybe stick with the normal experiences for now. However, streamlining the shopping experience for your customer can remove unnecessary friction from the buying process and help ensure a purchase.

22. Make Your Blog Sidebar Interactive
Want visitors to stay on your website longer after visiting your blog? Do what we’ve done: embed an experience in your blog’s sidebar.  Our unique animated hints will draw the reader’s eye, and the fun and intrigue of the experiences play on their curiosity, ultimately leading them to click through. It’s simple to redirect them from there to a product page, “contact us” page, or even have them request a demo of your product!

23. Get Your Contest Front and Center
If you’ve ever run a contest, you know how time intensive and frustrating it can be. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! Use an overlay experience to highlight your contest on your homepage, and gather sign-ups directly from the experience. We’ll do the work, you sit back and collect your reward: data.

24. Take Your Storytelling to Another Level
Remember books with pull-tabs? As kids, we couldn’t wait to uncover hidden characters, actions, and new layers to the story. Reveal experiences are exactly like that! They can add a new dimension to your narrative that pulls the viewer in and invests them in your brand. Don’t be afraid to use them in multiple places for unique touches that will delight your audience.

25. Make Your Mobile App Pop
If you’ve got a mobile app, it’s easy to integrate our overlay experiences into your platform. Touch was built for mobile, after all! Have users scratch, pull, peel or slide an experience in-app. We guarantee the response you get will be overwhelming.

26. Increase the Time Your Visitors Spend on Your Site
Each second spent on your website increases the chances of conversion. Use reveal experiences to exponentially boost the amount of time spent on your site, making your blog, product pages, or purchase pages as well as homepage simply irresistible!

We hope that this introduction to all of the ways you can utilize Zembula in your marketing helps spur your creativity. Any of these ideas strike your fancy? Check out our plans and get started with interactive content today.

If you’re stuck on something or want to know more about what we can do, don’t hesitate to contact us!