25 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Small business owners face a lot of challenges. And there’s no doubt that a fixed budget is one of them, especially when it comes to marketing.

And while the old saying goes “you have to spend money to make money,” it turns out you don’t have to spend quite as much money as you think.

That’s right; there are plenty of inexpensive marketing ideas small business owners can use to promote your brand while not breaking the bank.

Interested in learning more?

Yea, that’s what we thought. So let’s cut to the chase.

Low budget marketing ideas that can help you stretch your dollars

1. Start a blog: This is the easiest way to build traction for your brand. Let people know how your brand can help solve their biggest problems.

2. Perform a content audit: Already have a blog up and running? Go through it and identify where you can improve your content and offer more to your readers.

3. Learn some local SEO tactics: Hone in on a handful of keywords that people use to find you online and optimize your content for those.

4. Get on social media: Start with the one place your customers live online and focus your energy on building a following and engagement.

5. Syndicate your content: Remember that blog? Use Medium, LinkedIn, and Business2Community to repost your content to new people.

6. Create videos: You don’t need a huge setup. And right now, posting instructional or FAQ videos on YouTube work well when it comes to driving traffic.

7. Target influencers: Micro and even nano influencers are primed for the picking and can usually provide lots of promotion at a fraction of the price.

8. Improve your copywriting skills: If you can’t afford to hire the best, teach yourself some basic copy techniques and apply them to your sales pages.

customer acquisition

9. Build a business referral network: This is great for local businesses, especially. Tap into complementary industries too they can be a great source of potential customers.

10. Attend meetups: Most cities and towns will have monthly business events, these can be a great place to meet new clients or referral partners.

11. Host an event: Hold an educational event in your office that teaches something of value to prospective customers.

12. Join a business breakfast club: These early morning networking events can be amazing, both for meeting new people and learning from others. If there aren’t any in your area, start one.

13. Volunteer: Lots of local charities are happy to host a team building event for an afternoon. It never hurts to build goodwill in your community.

14. Become a columnist: So many local papers are always looking for interesting content. See if you can offer to write a weekly advice column in your niche.

15. Apply for awards: Good press is always a good thing, and it can help boost your credibility. Submit your business for local awards too. Don’t be modest!

16. Run a contest: Start small. You can offer a gift card, some branded swag, or even a free product. It’s a great way to reach new leads.

17. Get more email signups: More people signing up for your email list is a great way to make more sales. Focus on creative and interactive ways to draw them in.


18. Improve your email marketing: Don’t forget about the people you already have on your list. Reboot your newsletter and offer birthday messages and other surprises to reignite interest and push people down the funnel.

19. Write a book: Self-publishing is easier than ever and can help boost your platform as an expert. A book also makes for a good giveaway too.

20. Try Facebook Ads: These still provide an excellent bang for your buck, especially if your target audience is already on Facebook.

21. Get on a podcast: Identify a handful of experts in your industry and reach out to them. Millions of people listen to podcasts daily. It’s the perfect place to find a brand new audience.

22. Ask for customer testimonials: Social proof is a huge motivator for people to buy. Splash those happy customer testimonials all over your marketing materials.

23. Send out mailers: Even in the digital era, sometimes going retro can make a difference. Sending out postcards or mailers to potential customers can be a fun way to stand out.

24. Offer discounts: Have a few loyal and happy customers? Offer them a surprise discount on their next purchase and ask them to spread the word.

25. Host a webinar: You can use these to both educate and sell at the same time. Plus, it’s a great way to build your email list.

There you have it. You’ve got twenty-five marketing ideas that can fit into a tight budget.

Put a few of these into place successfully, and you’ll have the extra income to explore some of those higher ticket marketing tactics that can raise your profile and bring in more customers.