The Top 6 Ways to Use Zembula Experiences

With Zembula you can do some pretty cool things. But because the platform is so versatile, knowing where to use and how to use your interactive content can be pretty daunting. Here are the top 6 ways we use Zembula experiences. Try one or all of them out to see how they could work for you! We’ll give you the nitty gritty details in the next lessons. For now, just read over these quick summaries and get a taste of all the things you can do!

Campaign ideas to get you up and running:
      1. Use interactive content to drive engagement
        • Interactive content is supreme at getting engagement. You can take advantage of this benefit by putting a Zembula experience in your website banner. These experiences, when executed with copy and images that evoke strong feelings of curiosity, get on average a 20% engagement rate.
      2. Build transactional and triggered campaigns
        • It is easy to turn your set-and-forget campaigns into buying opportunities with interactive content. Take a post-purchase email and fill it with an interactive product recommendation or offer free shipping on their next order to see major results.
      3. Drive more revenue
        • Everyone has promotions, but not everyone has interactive promotions. Take your sale from last year and turn it into an interactive campaign across multiple channels. This way you can upcycle your old content and still drive more revenue in a fun, refreshing way.
      4. Grow your email list
        • It just makes sense that highly engaging content would attract more email addresses. That’s why we added the ability to reveal an email capture. By using reveal marketing principles like the endowment effect, you can get more people to take advantage of your offer in exchange for their email address.
      5. To drive brand awareness
        • Giving your audience an experience that is enjoyable and that stands out is a step in the right direction when it comes to making a memorable impression. In fact, if you can associate your brand with positive feelings, similar to the feelings one has when having fun, you can increase your chances of getting remembered. All these things add up to better brand awareness. Pair it with some product education and you’ve got yourself one killer campaign.
      6. Improve your email CTR
        • Using a Zembula experience in email is a nice way to mix up your email marketing strategy. The best part, using one at an opportune time can increase your CTR up to 4x what it normally is. Use the psychology heavyweights like FOMO to get your audience clicking through and interacting with your experience.

Okay, there you have it. The top six ways that you can use Zembula for maximum results. Click through to the next lessons and we will break down each of these and give you actionable campaign tips!

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