How To Improve CTR

Your email click-through rate is important to your business because it has a lot balancing on its shoulders. It leads to more traffic, more conversions and ultimately more revenue. So you need to do everything in your power to try and boost it.

Using Zembula experiences in your email correctly can have a huge impact on your CTR. Our best clients report a 4x improvement over their traditional static emails. What is the secret? FOMO and Curiosity. We’ll show you how to get it done.

First and foremost, you need to start with a solid plan for improving your email CTR.

Let’s say the basics of your campaign are as follows:
  1. You want to increase your email CTR on an email promotion driving to your annual sale.
  2. The experience will be used in an email campaign that drives to an overlay on your homepage.
  • Think about your objective: in this case improving CTR.
    • To get your CTR up you need to invoke strong feelings of curiosity and tease your audience until they can taste the FOMO.
      • Get them to act by hiding the meat of your offer behind your cover image. Either hide what is on sale or hide how much the sale is worth to them until the last moment (reveal image)
    • You will also need to use tension and contrast in your images. Make sure they also stand out from the background of your email template.
  • Now that we have decided on the framework in which our campaign will exist, we need to get down to business and create our experience.
    • There are three parts of your experience; the cover, the reveal, and the CTA.
      • For the cover image and copy, we want something mysterious and enticing. Things like “Unlock your mystery deal” or “Get your favorite items for how much??” are good places to start. Curiosity alone will drive them to click through on those bad boys.
        • For the image choose something eye-catching. You can try to blur out a product or a discount to double up on the powers of curiosity.
  • For the reveal image, we need to give your viewer the discount or item they worked hard to reveal.
    • Make them feel like they had a part in your offer by giving it to them once they interacted and you will find your completion rates increase. Thanks, endowment effect!
  • The CTA should be inline with the rest of your message. Take them to your sale if that is what your experience was about!
  • Now just build your campaign in the platform and insert it into your email template.
  • Sit back and watch your CTR soar!
So let’s wrap it up.

To have a successful campaign when it comes to growing brand awareness:

  1. Cover and reveal images that have contrast and create tension for the viewer.
  2. Copy that incites curiosity and FOMO.
  3. Make them feel as if they were a part of the offer for better completion rates.
  4. CTA copy that drives the click, is simple and straightforward and sends those that interact to your sale.

Need more inspiration? Check out our examples below!




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