How To Grow Your Email Lists

Interactive content has been shown to convert 70% of the time, while static content converts a measly 30% of the time. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to figure this one out – use interactive content and get more conversions.

With our email acquisition and Slide-in features, using interactive content to wrangle more email addresses has never been easier. We will show you how.

First and foremost, you need to start with a solid plan for your attention and information grabbing content.

Let’s say the basics of your campaign are as follows:
  1. You want to grow your email list with a light offer (like free shipping or a free infographic.)
  2. The experience will be displayed on your homepage as a slide-in
  • Think about your objective: in this case getting more email addresses.
    • To ramp up your customer acquisition you will need to catch the attention of your visitors and then hold it as you ask them for more info.
      • The best way to do this is with motion! First, the slide-in catches their eye as it slides into view when they hit a certain point on the page.
      • Next, you need to hold their attention. The most effective way to do so is with reveal marketing. Pique curiosity by alluding to a secret, or trigger FOMO by saying they won’t want to miss out.
      • Reveal marketing works overtime when put to work on your customer acquisition because once a viewer takes action with your offer, they feel they had a part in it and are more likely to follow through with entering their email or even taking advantage of your gift. This is called the endowment effect.
    • You will also need to use tension and contrast in your images. Make sure they also stand out from the background of your website.
  • Now that we have decided on the framework in which our campaign will exist, we need to get down to business and create our experience.
    • There are three parts of your experience; the cover, the reveal, and the CTA.
      • For the cover image and copy, we want something that will hit their FOMO sweet spot. Saying something like, “Sign up for our newsletter and get a surprise gift!” or “Subscribe to our blog and we’ll give you our favorite cheat sheet for free” are good examples of FOMO-inducing copy.
      • For the reveal image, we need to continue our train of thought and give the people what they interacted for! Show them your gift, or give them the deets on your offer.
      • The CTA should say something in line with your experience like “Subscribe” or “Sign up” (remember to keep it short and sweet. The CTA should probably just close your interactive experience. Unless you have a very specific end goal in mind like highlighting a new product, it doesn’t make sense to disrupt your visitors’ journey.)
  • Now just build your campaign in the platform and insert it into your webpage.
    • Make sure that you have selected when and where you want your Slide-in to trigger. You can trigger based on scroll location or time on page.
  • Sit back and watch your email list grow.
So let’s wrap it up.

To have a successful campaign when it comes to growing an email list we need:

  1. Cover and reveal images that have contrast and create tension for the viewer.
  2. Copy that incites curiosity or FOMO. Make them need to know and have to act!
  3. CTA copy that drives the click, is simple and straightforward and closes the experience, rather than directs them to another page, upon completion.
  4. Triggers that make sense for your objectives.

Want to know more? Check out our helpdesk article on email acquisition.





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